Pristina Serena

Pristina Serena helps make the inaccessible accessible.
Accessibility to the area of interest is often challenging for patients with small, thin breasts, implants, or breasts with superficial, deep or very superior lesions. This often makes accurate biopsies difficult. Until now. We’ve redesigned the biopsy experience to maximize confidence for radiologists, efficiency for technologists, and help reduce anxiety for patients.

How Pristina Serena reshapes the biopsy experience

“It’s very easy to change from one approach to the other in the same moment, you don’t have to change the patient or the orientation. Now, biopsy is like a “friendly” biopsy”.


Dr. Ana Rodriguez-Arana, M.D. Director of Breast Radiology, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona SPAIN

Ready. Set. Complete.

Fast and simple set up. Pristina Serena transforms a screening room into an interventional suite in just two minutes1 with the dedicated add-on biopsy kit without requiring a long and mechanical needle installation. Pristina Serena is swift and streamlined. Its intuitive touchscreen user interface outlines the procedure step by step. Brest biopsy procedure can be performed in less than 15 minutes2.

Ready today. Prepared for tomorrow.

Fast Pristina Serena’s adaptability positions biopsy success for the long run. Work within your current space, since no dedicated biopsy space is required. Switch from screening to interventional on the Pristina gantry with the dedicated kit. Serena is compatible with common biopsy devices*, so there is no need for additional investment. Designed to support future functionalities, you can rest easy knowing your investment in Pristina Serena will carry you into the future.

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