Pristina Serena 3D Biopsy

Pristina Serena DBT guided biopsy positioner helps make the inaccessible accessible.
Pristina Serena 3D makes complex procedures and challenging cases faster, easier, and more accessible for clear, concise results.1,2

How Pristina Serena reshapes the biopsy experience

  • Increase clinical confidence through accessibility

    Accessibility is critical for accurate biopsy procedures, especially when facing challenging cases. Pristina Serena gives you the option of accessing the breast with the newly designed side approach to: create a large working space to ease patient positioning, reduce needle visibility to help ease patient anxiety, and accurately access all patients regardless of the location of lesion or microcalcifications.
    It also gives you the versatility to easily switch to a vertical approach with a simple adjustment, without decompressing or moving the patient.
  • Increase accuracy with precision targeting

    Pinpoint incision entry for accurate needle placement and anesthesia delivery around the incision site with our laser guide. The automatic mechanical stop ensures the needle halts when it reaches the target. The only biopsy system with a needle guide that can be moved away during the procedure to keep the needle out of the field of view, to prevent it from altering images. Pristina Serena also provides remarkable image quality to visualize calcifications and make lesion conspicuity appear the same, equivalent to 2D screening and diagnostic imaging.

Ready. Set. Complete.

The value of add-on breast biopsy is indisputable when it comes to ensuring a seamless transition from screening to diagnostic.

Pristina Serena transforms your Senographe Pristina into an interventional suite in just two minutes.1

With Serena, the breast biopsy procedure can be performed in less than 15 minutes.3

If patient comfort is important in screening, it is even more during the biopsy procedure.
Pristina Serena 3D leverages the proven patient comfort of Pristina.4

Ready today. Prepared for tomorrow.

Pristina Serena’s adaptability positions biopsy success for the long run.

Work within your current space, since no dedicated biopsy space is required. Switch from breast screening to intervention with a dedicated kit for the Pristina gantry.

Serena 3D is compatible with commonly used biopsy devices*, so there is no need for additional investment. Designed to support future functionalities, you can rest easy knowing your investment in Pristina Serena 3D will carry you into the future.

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