The TRACERlab* FX2 N platform is fully automated for [18F] tracer production.

TRACERlab FX2 N, an integrated platform for [18F] tracer production, produces [18F] tracers via a nucleophilic reaction that starts with [18F] Fluoride.

TRACERlab FX2 E and FX2 N are both designed with fully automated production steps and easy-to-use operation to help increase your efficiency and productivity. The TRACERlab synthesizers also incorporate user-defined synthesis sequence to give you greater flexibility to produce the desired tracer. You will have all the tools you need to design your own methods and graphic visualization screens, without additional programming skills or training.

Tracer lab.


Flexible, efficient [18F] tracer synthesis TRACERlab FX2 N allows you to:

  • Improve productivity with fully automated production steps
  • Increase flexibility with user-defined synthesis sequence
  • Log complete process history for traceability
  • Control access with password protection system
  • Acquire production reports that include lot numbers, vial process parameters, etc.
  • Minimize radioactive material generation
  • Minimize your interaction when radioactivity is present




Size (W x H x D) of main module:  50 cm x 48 cm x 50 cm  

Weight of main module:  25 kg

Control electronics: 29 cm x 21 cm x 8.5 cm

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