Quantification achieved consistently

Innovative ultra low-dose PET/CT quantitative imaging

Now with Q.AC, a new CT reconstruction algorithm developed exclusively for GE PET/CT scanners, ultra-low dose CT attenuation correction (CTAC) techniques are possible while maintaining consistency in PET quantitation.


Innovative ultra low-dose PET/CT quantitative imaging

Key benefits of Q.AC

Q.AC offers potential use of significantly lower CT doses in

  • Longitudinal PET treatment assessment 
  • Respiratory gated PET/CT imaging 
  • PET brain imaging
  • Pediatric protocols
  • Clinical research

Q.AC improves quantitative PET accuracy over time in all protocols 

  • Ultra-low dose CTAC 
  • Low dose localization CT 
  • Diagnostic CT with or without contrast


When imaging at low doses, the CT beam may not be strong enough to fully penetrate through the patient and reach the CT detector in all projections. Inaccurate attenuation measurements generated by incomplete CT data may then lead to variations in PET SUV measurements. The GE exclusive Q.AC technology is designed to maintain accurate HU numbers even at ultra-low dose CT techniques for PET/CT applications. This enables the delivery of consistently accurate and reproducible CTAC and PET/CT fusion.