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SPECT’s ability to reveal physiologic and metabolic change gives you a unique tool for diagnosing and treating patients. It’s this ability to make visible what could normally be invisible that enables true discovery in nuclear medicine.

We’ve made it easier for you to apply this proven technology to more patients than ever before. Whether you’re looking for your first nuclear medicine camera or you need one to handle overflow from your rising patient volume, our SPECT-only systems are designed to grow with your practice at a minimal investment.

Discovery™ NM630 brings you the diagnostic capability of a dual-head SPECT system with a focus on patient comfort. And Brivo™ NM615 is an affordable single-head SPECT system that allows you to perform the most common nuclear medicine procedures. With their low total cost of ownership and easy upgrade paths to advanced capabilities, these two systems are the foundation of our nuclear medicine portfolio.

Discovery NM630 leverages decades of experience in molecular imaging to provide exceptional levels of care for more patients. Its Elite NXT detectors enable exceptional image quality. Its thin design and auto-body contouring minimize the distance between the patient and the detectors for excellent resolution. And SPECT-optimized collimators combined with an exceptionally high count rate enable extremely precise event detection. It delivers superb image quality with scan times or dose half that of standard nuclear medicine protocols with the use of Evolution technology1. And with a large bore and table capable of handling patients up to 500 pounds, Discovery NM630 is designed to maximize your scannable population.


oduct-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-General Purpose SPECT Imaging Web Page-3-man.jpgProvide shorter, more tolerable exams for greater patient comfort, with Evolution technology1

oduct-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-General Purpose SPECT Imaging Web Page-clock.jpgImprove your productivity by reducing scan time from 30 to 15 minutes2

uct-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-General Purpose SPECT Imaging Web Page-circles.jpgExpand your capabilities with an easy, onsite upgrade path to a SPECT/CT system of your choice

At its core, Brivo NM615 is an affordable, single-head nuclear medicine solution that delivers the flexibility to perform the most common nuclear medicine procedures. Its Elite NXT detector offers outstanding SPECT resolution and exceptional contrast for superb image quality. And its thin design and automatic body contouring optimize image clarity and sharpness by consistently positioning detectors close to the patient throughout the scan. It’s a single-head system that can deliver dual-head performance with Evolution technology1,3. And with the option to expand your capabilities through an easy on-site upgrade to a dual-head SPECT system or with simple software enhancements, it’s an investment that is always ready for the future.


oduct-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-General Purpose SPECT Imaging Web Page-3-man.jpgProvide shorter, more tolerable exams for greater patient comfort, with Evolution technology1

oduct-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-General Purpose SPECT Imaging Web Page-1-man.jpgComfortably accommodate more patients with a patient-friendly system design

duct-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-General Purpose SPECT Imaging Web Page-upward.jpgExpand your imaging capabilities as your needs change with simple software enhancements or on-site hardware upgrades

ct-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-General Purpose SPECT Imaging Web Page-tickmark.jpgInvest with confidence in this affordable, easy-to-use system knowing that it’s ready for the future

1In clinical practice, Evolution options1a (Evolution for Bone, Evolution for Cardiac, Evolution for Bone Planar) and Evolution Toolkit1b are recommended for use following consultation of a Nuclear Medicine physician, physicist and/or application specialist to determine the appropriate dose or scan time reduction to obtain diagnostic image quality for a particular clinical task, depending on the protocol adopted by the clinical site.

1aEvolution Options - Evolution claims are supported by simulation of count statistics using default factory protocols and imaging of 99mTc based radiotracers with LEHR collimator on anthropomorphic phantom or realistic NCAT – SIMSET phantom followed by quantitative and qualitative images comparison.

1bEvolution Toolkit - Evolution Toolkit claims are supported by simulation of full count statistics using lesion simulation phantom images based on various radiotracers and collimators and by showing that SPECT image quality reconstructed with Evolution Toolkit provide equivalent clinical information but have better signal-to-noise, contrast, and lesion resolution compared to the images reconstructed with FBP / OSEM.

2As compared to Infinia VG.

3As compared to previous generation GE Healthcare Nuclear Medicine systems.



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