Medical Diagnostics Patient Info 

Medical Diagnostics Patient Info 


If you are a healthcare professional from a country other than the United States, please visit GE Healthcare's Global Gateway to select your country.

You have reached this page because the content you were trying to access, is intended only for medical professionals located in the United States. If you are not a medical professional and have specific questions about our products, you are encouraged to have a conversation with your doctor. We also invite you to explore the following sites, which offer additional information which you may be interested in:

GE Healthcare healthymagination -- healthymagination is our global initiative to provide better healthcare for more people around the world through innovations that lowers the cost, increases the access and improves the quality of healthcare.

GE Healthcare ecomagination -- ecomagination is GE's commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today's environmental challenges while driving economic growth.

DaTscan (Ioflupane I123 Injection) Patient Portal -- Information for patients and caregivers about DaTscan. The information on this site does not replace having a conversation with your doctor about this test. If you have any questions after reading the information on this site, be sure to discuss them with your doctor.