BiliSoft 2.0 Phototherapy System

The BiliSoft™ 2.0 Phototherapy System helps provide family-centered care virtually anywhere—in the NICU, pediatrics units, well-baby nurseries, and even at home.

Bilisoft Phototherapy

The right touch—and blue light—can make all the difference for infants with jaundice. GE Healthcare’s BiliSoft 2.0 Phototherapy System meets or exceeds the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for intensive phototherapy to effectively treat hyperbilirubinemia and support even the tiniest patients with more comfort, better bonding, and higher quality developmental care.

Patient & operational outcomes

  • Units host a long-lasting blue LED light that provides more than 50,000 hours of light therapy
  • Long, lightweight fiber-optic cable and quiet operation makes BiliSoft 2.0 ideal for in-home use
  • Whisper-quiet operation helps maintain an environment to promote better sleep and growth
  • Babies can be wrapped in a blanket and even held during therapy for more comfort and relaxation


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1. Bhutani, V and the Committee on the Fetus and Newborn, (2011). Phototherapy to Prevent Severe Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn Infant 35 or More Weeks of Gestation. Pediatrics, e1054.