Applications with SIGNA™Works

Get a state-of-the-art software package with advancements in MR imaging performance and productivity that enhance your clinical capabilities.

Fueling the future of MR

SIGNA™Works fuels your capabilities forward as a software package that redefines your productivity with state-of-art applications built to optimize your MR performance now and into the future. This application-only upgrade is available for existing customers who already have SIGNA™Works and either want to upgrade to the latest version or want to add additional applications.

Just a sample of the clinical value SIGNA™Works has to offer:

  • Add acceleration with techniques such as HyperSense, HyperCube and HyperBand
  • Enhance quantification with post-processing options such as HyperWorks and ViosWorks
  • Enable consistent results with applications such as BodyWorks and NeuroWorks
  • Personalize the patient experience with adaptable applications such as SilentWorks, needle-free suite, motion correction and free breathing

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