SIGNA™ Voyager - 70cm

Redefine the limits of what’s possible

Enter a whole new realm of possibility in MR with the SIGNA™ Voyager. This system is designed to maximize productivity and workflow while delivering extraordinary clinical potential and exceptional patient comfort. And it has one of the smallest footprints and lowest power consumptions in the industry for a 1.5T wide bore system. Get ready to experience MR excellence like never before. SIGNA™ Voyager: Skyrocket your MR performance. 



The new standard is extraordinary
Our new SIGNA™Works productivity platform redefines productivity across the breadth of our core imaging techniques with solutions. The SIGNA™Works standard applications portfolio is an extensive set of high quality and efficient imaging capabilities that enables you to achieve desired outcomes across your entire practice area.

Broaden your expertise to the next level when you move beyond the standard with SIGNA™Works innovative applications. Improved image quality, higher efficiency and a more streamlined workflow to help you perform better than ever before.

HyperWorks means hyper scanning with astonishing imaging and unsurpassed speed, delivering up to 8x faster results.
•     HyperBand
•     HyperSense
•     HyperCube

ViosWorks reduces the complexity and cost of cardiac imaging. For the first time, all 7 dimensions of information can be captured in a cardiovascular scan in 10 minutes or less.

SilentWorks is GE’s most advanced noise-reducing technology. Traditional exams can be extremely loud. SilentWorks brings the sound level down to ambient noise.

ImageWorks boosts your overall MR performance. READYView visualization and MAGiC one-and-done scanning helps ensure consistent and clear results.

Patient Experience

Transform the patient experience with advanced applications

Experience a new standard of patient comfort with SIGNA Voyager.


GE’s proprietary SilentScan technology dramatically reduces scanning noise from an ear-splitting, motorcycle level of 91dB to within 3dB of scan room ambient noise. It includes a Silent Neuro Package with Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI), enabling a complete silent neuro exam, and an expanded Silent feature that also covers spine and musculoskeletal imaging.


SIGNA Voyager makes scanning a worry-free experience for patients. Our wide Comfort Plus table with low height and open 70cm design allows patients to rest freely while affording easy access and a comfortable scanning experience.

  • Breathe-free: Patients can breathe free because our Auto Navigator technology is compatible with Turbo LAVA, Turbo LAVA Flex and DISCO to enable complete body exams without a single breath-hold.

  • Motion-free: With advanced 3D motion correction technology such as 3D PROMO for neuro imaging and GE’s signature PROPELLER for head-to-toe 2D motion correction, we help eliminate the need for patients to lie motionless throughout the scan, making scanning less stressful for the patients.

  • Needle-free: Our needle-free imaging capabilities enable non-contrast MR exams that eliminate the pain of needles and the cost of contrast. Be it routine MR angiography studies with our Inhance 2.0 Suite or advanced imaging such as liver fat-fraction mapping with IDEAL IQ or brain perfusion imaging with 3D ASL, SIGNA Voyager enables complete non-contrast MR exams.

SIGNA Voyager: Skyrocket patient comfort.