Innova™ IGS 6 with AutoRight™


The Innova IGS 6 biplane system is designed to support a variety of procedures such as pediatrics, Electrophysiology, neuro interventions and body imaging procedures. It is designed from the ground up to provide the im age clarity you need while helping you keep dose as low as possible.

It includes features like Dose Personalization, which gives you the tools to choose from up to four autom atic exposure preferences for your system . You can also m odify any of these preferences2 in any clinical protocol to enable multi-procedure, multi-user custom ization and thus support well-informed decisions.

The system features 3DCT HD3, GE's next generation of 3D imaging, providing fine image details for visualizing soft tissues and small devices such as intracranial stent struts. With the new generation of GE's advanced interventional im aging software solutions, ASSIST, you can expand your clinical versatility and successfully plan, guide and assess increasingly sophisticated procedures with greater precision and dose efficiency.


  • Optimal detector size adds clinical versatility

  • Offset C-arm

  • Clear access to patients during interventions

  • One-hand full biplane control

  • Simple, centralized, automated controls


  • Lower dose by design

  • InnovaSense

  • DoseMap


  • 3DCT HD

  • InnovaSpin

  • InnovaBreeze

In clinical use, the results of the application of dose reduction techniques will vary depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. The Interventional radiologist, assisted by a physicist as necessary has to determine the appropriate settings for each specific clinical task.

– Option may not be available in all countries, nor all systems, check with your local representative 
2 – Modification of preferences by requesting it to your entity responsible for the servicing of your equipment.
- 3DCT HD is an option sold separately. Includes 3DXR. Requires AW workstation and Volume Viewer.
- Collision management features are not intended to be a substitute for careful equipment operation
5- InnovaBreeze is optional on IGS 630 configuration and it requires an AW Workstation. Advantage paste is included in InnovaBreeze.
6- MAR & Motion Freeze are optional features of 3DXR. Sold separately. The improvement related to Motion Freeze depends on the acquisition conditions, table position, patient, type of motion, anatomical location and clinical practice, it has been assessed visually on a physical phantom.