Discovery™ IGS 7 OR

One suite, endless possibilities

GE Healthcare and Getinge have jointly developed a highly flexible hybrid OR solution that combines GE’s powerful Discovery IGS 7 OR angiography system with Getinge’s versatile Maquet Magnus OR table system.1

By merging the capabilities of two major flexible platforms, you can expand your clinical opportunities. The combined solution expands the clinical breadth of the hybrid OR to fit the needs of virtually any surgery and interventional specialty

Now one suite accommodates a wide range of endovascular, cardio-thoracic, hybrid and open surgical procedures, free of interference from fixed floor or ceiling system structures.

The Discovery IGS 7 OR lets you:

  • Rethink your possibilities with predictable motion and patient access
  • Reinvent the way you work with high-precision imaging
  • Re-evaluate your options with flexible room utilization


Rethink your possibilities.

Robotic gantry
With the Discovery IGS 7 OR gantry, nothing on the floor or ceiling obstructs your work or limits your mobility - your freedom is nearly absolute. An untethered, laser-guided gantry carries the imaging C-arm. You can move it to the table to image any part of the anatomy, then power it back, out of the way, to precise pre-chosen positions.

Movable gantry puts clinicians in control
The Discovery IGS 7 OR system provides full flexibility in your clinical space. The integrated user interface let you maneuver both the table and system easily and conveniently.2
When in position for imaging, the gantry swivels around the table on a defined path, with precise laser guidance. Combined gantry and table movement enables wide anatomical coverage2 and advanced imaging. The absence of obstructions on the floor and ceiling enables versatile motion.

Excellent patient access supports all procedures

In position for imaging, the Discovery IGS 7 OR can be positioned anywhere around the table for femoral, left side and head access. Up to 13 back-out trajectories and two customizable parking spaces enable you to move the gantry aside completely, providing full patient access for surgery.

One-touch back-in and back-out means fully flexible procedures

With the Discovery IGS 7 OR, you can truly have it both ways. Move the gantry to the table for imaging, move it aside when not needed - all at the touch of a button. From eleven positions at the table, you can back the gantry out to predefined locations.3 Back-out distances are customizable to suit different room sizes.

Teams work better with nothing in their way

The Discovery IGS 7 OR gives physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and technologists ample space.
to work together effectively. Clinicians can position on either side of the patient according to preference. With the offset C-arm, the anesthesiologist can work comfortably at the patient’s head.

Easily accommodate large patients and facilitate imaging

With a full 129 cm (50 in) of space between the tube and the detector, the Discovery IGS 7 OR features the wide-bore offset C-arm. It provides collision-free 3D imaging to let you image large patients easily and perform cone-beam CT acquisition even for patients with arms down and intubated.10

Offset C-arm

With its unique offset C-Arm, the Discovery IGS 7 OR enables improved access to patient head in complex interventions and helps cover head to groin without moving the gantry.

Optimal detector size adds clinical versatility

Discovery IGS 730

With the 31 x 31 cm (12.2 in) and 41 x 41cm (16,1 in) detectors, the Discovery IGS 7 OR is designed to provide optimal coverage for a wide range of interventional and surgical procedures. With its broad 41 x 41 cm (16.1 in) digital detector, the Discovery IGS 7 OR system boasts one of the largest fields of view for image guided surgery.



OR solutions

Re-evaluate your options

You’ll have the potential to increase the procedure mix in your OR with the Maquet Magnus OR table system from Getinge for minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures1. Use precious space well with flexible room designs. Build your room into a new fully functional hybrid OR, re-configure a small room, or re- purpose an existing room.

Expand your procedure mix while securing OR utilization

For hybrid ORs with multidisciplinary surgical activity, the exceptional flexibility of the Discovery IGS 7 OR with Maquet Magnus table system expands clinical breadth to fit the needs of virtually any surgery and interventional specialty.1

Seamless integration supports advanced imaging

The Discovery IGS 7 OR is fully integrated with a 360° radiolucent flat tabletop, enabling catheter-based procedures and minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgeries to be performed while using the advanced imaging capabilities of the Discovery IGS 7 OR, such as 3D angiography, cone-beam CT and 3D image fusion.11 You can synchronize the gantry and table movements through a single user interface to achieve optimal anatomical coverage.2

Expand your procedure versatility

The Discovery IGS 7 OR is fully integrated with the Maquet Magnus Universal tabletop, enabling advanced patient positioning and imaging such as intra-op cone-beam CT, to meet the requirements of diverse minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures.1 The flexibility to use different tabletops allows you to expand into additional surgical procedures in cardiology, heart surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology. 7

Discovery IGS 7 OR with neurosurgical head holder integration including dynamic adaptation of collision management and expanded cone-beam CT capabilities for imaging in complex patient positions and export to navigation systems, opens the door for neuro, spine and orthopedic surgeons to deliver more precise image guided therapies in the Hybrid OR.8

Draw the ideal room

With predefined, predictable trajectories on the floor and no rails on the ceiling, the Discovery IGS 7 OR gives you flexibility to draw the location of the laminar flow, monitors, surgical lights and rad-shield where you need them to be. Its back-out and parking positions are customizable to adapt to your room size and shape. Whether you’re building a new room or re-purposing an existing room, GE and Getinge work hand-in-glove to deliver the right results, no matter how complex the project.

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1. The Discovery IGS 7 OR is fully integrated with the 360° radiolucent flat table top 1180.16A2/F2 and with the Universal table top 1180.10A0/F0 with attachment 1180.37A0/F0. The flat table top is suited for interventional, minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures. The Universal tabletop is suited for minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures.
2. There are performance claims that can be met only with one of the MAGNUS OR table system table top compatible with Discovery IGS 7 OR. Always refer to the product data sheet specifications applicable to the specific table top from Discovery IGS 7 OR and from Maquet Magnus OR table system.
3. System is delivered with default settings. Customization requires a GE representative.
4. Option. Available on IGS 730 OR configuration
5. 3DCT HD is an option sold separately. Includes 3DXR. Requires AW workstation and Volume Viewer
6. Option may not be available in all countries, nor all systems, check with your local representative.
7. Other table tops configuration can be used for conventional surgical procedures, not involving the imaging equipment. Maquet products are sold by Getinge.
8. Skull clamp is sold by Getinge
9. MAR & Motion Freeze are optional features of 3DXR. Sold separately. The improvement related to Motion Freeze depends on the acquisition conditions, table position, patient, type of motion, anatomical location and clinical practice, it has been assessed visually on a physical phantom.
10. Collision management features are not intended to be a substitute for careful equipment operation.
11. 3D fusion image guidance requires additional products that require AW workstation