Discovery™ IGS 7 OR

One suite, endless possibilities

GE Healthcare and Getinge have jointly developed a highly flexible hybrid OR solution that combines GE’s powerful Discovery IGS 7 OR angiography system with Getinge’s versatile Maquet Magnus OR table system.1

By merging the capabilities of two major flexible platforms, you can expand your clinical opportunities. The combined solution expands the clinical breadth of the hybrid OR to fit the needs of virtually any surgery and interventional specialty

Now one suite accommodates a wide range of endovascular, cardio-thoracic, hybrid and open surgical procedures, free of interference from fixed floor or ceiling system structures.

The Discovery IGS 7 OR lets you:

  • Rethink your possibilities with predictable motion and patient access
  • Reinvent the way you work with high-precision imaging
  • Re-evaluate your options with flexible room utilization

What our customers say

Hear from our customers about our Discovery IGS platform for Hybrid OR.

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1- Working positions may vary depending on circuit trajectory option.
2 - Increased SOD (SOD = 82 cm) in Discovery IGS 740 enables a 10 to 15% of air kerma reduction at the interventional reference point compared to a system with an SOD of 72 cm, with detector dose maintained at the same beam quality (kVp and spectral filter).
In clinical use, the results of the application of dose reduction techniques will vary depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. The Interventional radiologist, assisted by a physicist as necessary has to determine the appropriate settings for each specific clinical task.
3 - 35m² rooms can accommodate a maximum of 2 back-out. Space left for additional equipment may be limited. 
4 - Option may not be available in all countries, check with your local representative.
5 - According to simulations performed with a surgical monitor suspension using the open monitor suspension option.
6 - EVAR ASSIST 2 included FlightPlan for EVAR CT, EVARVision and requires AW workstation and Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Interventional, VessellQ Xpress. Autobone Xpress. These applications are sold separately.
7 - Vessel ASSIST solution includes Vision 2, VessellQ Xpress, Autobone Xpress and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Interventional. These applications are sold separately.
8 - Needle ASSIST solution includes TrackVision 2, stereo 3D and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Interventional. These applications are sold separately.

** Tested on a patient model based on published anthropometric data [1].

[1] C. Bordier*, R. Klausz and L. Desponds, Patient Dose Map Indications on Interventional X-Ray Systems and Validation with Gafchromic XR-RV3 Film, Radiation Protection Dosimetry (2014), pp. 1–13, doi:10.1093/rpd/ncu181

*** Sources: World’s Health Organization data “Global Database on Body Mass Index” and World’s Health Organization: “Obesity and overweight Fact sheet N°311 Updated January 2015” and “CDC/NCHS 2007-2008 National Health and Nutrition examination survey and 2007 – 2009 Canadian Health measures survey