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The commitment made by GE to the European Commission for therapy solutions.

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Ohmeda Com Serial Protocol

What's In This Document:

The Datex-Ohmeda Com serial output protocols are covered in this section to assist in allowing communication with Datex-Ohmeda therapy devices. Three protocols are included: Ohmeda Com 1.0 (for the Aestiva and Aespire anesthesia machine series), Datex-Ohmeda com 1.2 (for Avance and Aisys anesthesia machines); and Datex-Ohmeda com 1.3 (for Centiva and Engstrom ventilators). The following data is available:

  • Electrical interface including RS-232C signal standards.
  • Software interface including summary of input commands and output data.
  • Device commands sent by external communications controllers including data transmit mode commands, enabling of waveform commands, silence alarm commands and others.
  • Device responses sent back including alarm silence switch pressed response, status data response, waveform data response and others.
  • Support Materials are also available as separate documents for commands, responses and response timings.

Request for Interface Information: If you are interested in obtaining detailed protocol for this or other interfaces offered by GE under its Interfacing Commitment to the European Commission, please feel free to contact:

Matthew McManus