Workforce Management Made for Healthcare

Improve care quality.
Reduce labor expenses.
Improve employee satisfaction.

Solutions that empower health systems to effectively manage their workforce to help lower labor costs, improve quality of care and deliver operational efficiencies.

Time and Attendance
Automate and streamline processes that are unique to each organization, including complex pay policies that help to save time and utilize resources in a fair, consistent manner across multiple sites and facilities. Actionable data allows for informed real-time adjustments that can make a sizeable impact on cost control.

Staffing and Scheduling
Gain visibility into the entire organization to create core schedules and manage scheduling gaps, available resources and cost controls, ensuring budgets are met and patient care quality remains high.

Patient Classification
Make data-driven assignments based on patient care needs, skill mix of available staff and patient flow on the unit, resulting in staffing efficiencies which help contain costs and improve patient outcomes.

Human Resources and Payroll
Automate the management of critical employee information, including payroll funds and benefit administration with accuracy, legislative compliance and transparency. By empowering management and staff with access to their data, organizations save time and money while improving employee engagement.

Business Analytics
Bring your strategy to the next level by having data in a user-friendly, graphical format, making it easy for you to know what's working well, what isn't and what you need to do to change it.