Project Northstar

Project Northstar is GE Healthcare's next generation IT solution for ambulatory care delivery.

The journey toward value-based care is rapid, complex, dynamic and relentless. Designed to help practices thrive in the world of value-based care, Project Northstar is GE Healthcare's next generation IT solution for ambulatory care delivery. Project Northstar will combine population health, care delivery, and financial management into a fully integrated, interoperable and intelligent software solution.

Project Northstar is designed from the ground up to help providers achieve the Triple Aim by re-imagining how providers, patients, and payers collaborate in the care delivery process. Project Northstar will deliver a completely connected solution to help ambulatory providers navigate the twists and turns of value-based care, while enhancing care quality and managing mixed payment models. As a result, ambulatory practices of all sizes will have the tools to engage patients more meaningfully, to improve patient outcomes, and to improve revenue cycle performance.

Our commitment is to evolve Project Northstar to mirror the evolution in healthcare. Our goal is to bring clarity to the complex. To help your physicians and staff focus on care, improve the patient's quality of care, and optimize your practice's revenue cycle - so you can thrive as the value-based journey continues.

Optimized Workflows
Built in collaboration with leading medical providers and world-class technology partners, Project Northstar will automatically surface actionable patient-specific and population-based health insights, while enabling evidence-based, streamlined workflows to improve provider efficiency.

Improved Patient Outcomes
Taking a patient-centric approach, Project Northstar will introduce patient workflows that actively engage the patient in the experience and provide the patient with all of the necessary information to better manage their health.

Cutting Edge Technology
Built on the GE Health Cloud, Project Northstar will be a flexible and adaptable solution that keeps pace with the evolution of how healthcare is delivered. Designed with user experience experts working closely with providers, patients and administrators, Project Northstar will help streamline every task and present only the necessary information at the right time.

Easy Migration
For providers currently using Centricity Practice Solution or Centricity EMR, the introduction of Project Northstar will preserve your investment by improving your current workflows through a gradual and safe migration to the GE Health Cloud.


Project Northstar is an ambulatory health management solution that will offer an integrated suite of population health, care delivery, and financial management software solutions and services.

Population Health Management
The key to reducing the cost of healthcare while improving quality resides in the ability to integrate insights from population health management and payer data into daily workflows. To make population health a reality, providers must implement systems and processes that support flexible care delivery that is based on the needs of the patient population.  Project Northstar’s ability to intuitively integrate population health insights and payer data will help providers better manage the health of their patient population and deliver improved outcomes at a lower cost.

Care Delivery
Project Northstar will deliver new levels of practice efficiency through intelligent, evidence-based workflows enabled by rules and automation. To achieve these goals, Project Northstar will address the complex workflows associated with three key stages of physician engagement: 

  • I Need to Understand

  • I Need to Work

  • I Need to Review & Sign

This new approach to patient condition-specific workflows will enable providers to facilitate a more effective and meaningful interaction with the patient that will enable improved patient and provider satisfaction.

Financial Management
Project Northstar will deliver the administrative and financial management capabilities that practices need to thrive in a value-based world.  With solutions for revenue cycle management, practice management and payer connectivity that work in both fee-for-service and value-based payment models, provider organizations will be able to collect accurate payments, while managing financial risk.

A Fully Integrated Solution 
The combination of these capabilities will yield new value by enhancing clinical efficiency, improving care quality, and strengthening financial performance.  Project Northstar will deliver this value by:

  • Merging population health insights with care delivery and a rules-driven workflow to help ensure the right steps are taken at the patient level

  • Integrating payer data in the care delivery workflow to help providers deliver more complete care and better serve the patient by knowing up front what needs to be done and what other services have been provided

  • Combining payer contract data and information captured during care delivery to appropriately and efficiently manage billing, risk assessment and quality reporting

Health Cloud

Project Northstar on the GE Health Cloud
Project Northstar, as GE's next set of investments on the GE Health Cloud will deliver a best-in-class ambulatory care delivery, population health and revenue cycle management solution

The GE Health Cloud is a platform-as-a-service that leverages a set of hybrid cloud technologies to create a secure, scalable and connected platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

The GE Health Cloud is built on Predix, which is the GE Digital platform for the Industrial Internet. GE Healthcare has enhanced Predix to serve the healthcare industry by creating healthcare-specific capabilities for interoperability - including HL7/FHIR, X12, DICOM - plus large-scale 3-D image manipulation and full attestations for HIPAA compliance, including HITECH and HITRUST.

The GE Health Cloud also utilizes technology from the Caradigm Intelligence Platform for data transformation and analytics, and technology from the Microsoft Azure cloud, including the Azure Data Factory, HD Insight and Azure storage.

For Providers
Leveraging the technology of the GE Health Cloud will enable them to preserve their existing investments while they take advantage of new solutions to help them streamline their business and transition to value based care.

For Payers
The GE Health Cloud will enable them to better interact with providers with less cost and greater consistency in near-real time.

For Partners
The GE Health Cloud will offer a platform where they can collaborate with providers and develop new connected systems, analytics and intelligent content for their customers. Partners of all kinds - including Value-added resellers (VARs), business process outsourcing (BPOs) companies and managed services organizations (MSOs), content providers, and application providers - will be able to leverage the GE Health Cloud to grow their business.


"Project Northstar is the moment and the solution that will enable us as customers to be proud to say, ‘I use GE.’"
Etan Walls, CISSP, CHUG Board President, Executive Vice President
Allied Physicians Group 

"Project Northstar is the future of healthcare."
Simeon Schwartz MD, President and CEO
Westmed Medical Group 

"Project Northstar is a game changer in the EHR world."
Richard Sadja, CFO & COO
Family Practice of Glendale

"By focusing on provider efficiency while achieving greater reimbursement, GE Healthcare is going to disrupt the healthcare IT market."
Dustin Wienecke,President
HealthCo Information Systems

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