EMR Integration Workflow Solutions

EMR Integration Workflow Solutions

Designed to tailor your organization’s EMR experience with robust applications developed specifically for your critical and complex care areas

Meet the critical and complex workflow needs within your care areas while complementing the EMR of your choice.

Take patient care to a new level.

Complement your EMR with clinical, imaging, and financial workflow solutions designed for the special needs of your critical and complex care areas. GE Healthcare's suite of EMR Integration Workflow Solutions can help you optimize clinician productivity, patient care, and financial performance by linking clinical data and IT solutions with your hospital's choice of an EMR. Our solutions will help you quickly access the patient information you need and reduce redundancy and extra steps. We can help you access the information you need to care for your patients, enabling you to have more time to spend with them.

Tailor your EMR with functionally rich applications that address the workflow needs of specialized care areas like perinatal, perioperative, cardiology, and imaging while complementing your enterprise EMR system.

You can have your enterprise EMR and advanced functionality for your care areas. No tradeoff.

EMR and Department Functionality

GE Healthcare's EMR Integration Workflow Solutions

GE Healthcare offers a portfolio of solutions that provide you the advanced functionality you need in your critical and complex care areas while also complementing your EMR particularly well.

For more information, contact us at emr.integration@ge.com

Customer Value

What if?…

You could tailor your EMR experience to enable critical & complex workflows?

  • What if your EMR could display cardiac ablation data?
  • What if you could annotate on a fetal strip and in the EMR at the same time?
  • What if you could increase adherence to antibiotic protocols while viewing EMR data?1
  • What if you could access 3D images, including the patients' prior images, from your EMR while examining a trauma patient in emergency?
  • What if you could seamlessly share patient data with the EMR to implement efficient billing workflows that help optimize financial performance?

You can.

EMR Integration Workflow Solutions from GE Healthcare enable you to quickly access the patient information you need in critical and complex care areas to help you enhance patient care, increase clinician productivity, and optimize financial performance.

We understand that an Electronic Medical Record may be an important part of your IT strategy. We also understand that you can't afford to trade off the robust functionality needed in care areas like perinatal, perioperative, cardiology, and imaging. Now you don't have to. You can have both: your enterprise EMR and advanced functionality in your care areas. No tradeoff.

By linking clinical data and IT processes with your organization's choice of EMR, we can help you speed access to patient information, and reduce costly, inefficient rework and extra steps. As an example, a Health Affairs2 study indicates the potential to save nearly $90 per person per year by avoiding unnecessary testing and administrative costs associated with testing.

With GE Healthcare's EMR Integration Workflows Solutions, the information you need is available when you need it, enabling you to spend less time looking for information and more time caring for your patients.

For more information, we welcome you to contact us at emr.integration@ge.com

1. Gagliardi, Anna R et al. "Factors influencing antibiotic prophylaxis for surgical site infection prevention in general surgery: a review of the literature." Canadian Journal of Surgery, 2009.
2. Source: Jan Walker, Eric Pan, Douglas Johnston, Julia Adler-Millstein, David W. Bates and Blackford Middleton, The Value of Health Care Information Exchange And Interoperability, Health Affairs

Software Suite

GE Healthcare's EMR Integration Workflow Solutions

While we have many products that can interface with an EMR, some of our solutions complement the EMR particularly well and we call them our EMR Integration Workflow Solutions.

GE Healthcare…Connecting productivity with care

For more information, contact us at emr.integration@ge.com


GE Healthcare…Connecting productivity with care


“We met our organization’s goals and maintained nurses’ workflow and productivity.” – Jenny Dougal Director of Women’s Services Parkview Health, IN (Centricity Perinatal - Connect module with an enterprise EMR vendor system)

“With Centricity Cardio Enterprise I have the same level of access to patient images in my office and at home that I have in front of a workstation in the lab. Now I am able to consult and review images from my same location without the need to go back to the hospital. This truly has changed the way we respond to patient care questions and collaborate with other physicians. The speed of image retrieval is great and having access to diagnostic images with measurements tools has enhanced our efficiency and our response time to patient care needs.” – Michael Carney, D.O. Cardiologist, OSUMC (Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution)

“Even though the patient can’t communicate, I can see what is known about him or her—the patient history, allergies and medication list.” – Kevin Wethington, MD Associate professor of anesthesiology University of Utah School of Medicine (GE AIMS with an enterprise EMR and an outpatient vendor system)

“The system provides a single point of access to a single patient jacket where clinicians can see the exams that patient has had across Southwestern Ontario.”  Dave Veeneman, PACS/DI-r Manager, London Health Sciences (GE Healthcare Vendor Neutral Archive solution)

Case Studies


A Best-of-Breed Approach in Labor & Delivery: Choosing the Right IT System
Healthcare CIOs often find themselves in a balancing act. While they want data to flow seamlessly throughout the hospital, they also must be responsive to the workflow needs of busy users on the floor. Focused, best-of-breed information systems and integrated enterprise systems each have their advantages, but is there an option that provides both robust core functionality and integration of all essential data? Yes, there is.

AIMS and Interoperability
When selecting an AIMS, interoperability and usability are key considerations. Understand the trade-offs before pursuing an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) from your EHR vendor.

Anesthesia IT that Enables Perioperative Workflow
Learn how an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), designed to support the entire Perioperative workflow from Pre-op through PACU, can help enhance the profitability of the Perioperative service and the organization.

Interoperability: The Case for Considering Best-of-Breed Revenue Cycle Management Systems
This whitepaper, prepared by Katalus offers insights to encourage hospital executives to have a candid discussion about the long-range cost, benefits and ROI when evaluating their revenue cycle management IT strategy


Centricity Perinatal Connect module
Enabling a new level of EMR workflow interoperability.

Introduction to Centricity Perioperative
Designed to streamline workflow and enhance patient care before, during, and after surgery.

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