Centricity STAR Awards

Find all the winners of the Centricity STAR Awards, as well as criteria and entry guidelines for future awards.

Call for Entries: 2018 STAR Awards at Centricity LIVE!

GE Healthcare is excited to announce the fourth annual STAR Awards at Centricity LIVE Competition!

Download the STAR Awards brochure.

Showcase Customer Accomplishments

The STAR Awards is intended to recognize GE Healthcare customers for their success in using Centricity & API solutions to help improve outcomes in their organization. We encourage all healthcare organizations using GE Healthcare solutions to enter this competition for the chance to highlight and receive recognition for their successful improvements.

Who Should Enter

Customers who have achieved measurable improvement using a qualifying solution are encouraged to apply. Specifically, customer implementations that demonstrate significant improvement in clinical, financial or operational measures; that provide evidence to support and/or quantify improvement before and after the project; and that employ one or more GE Healthcare solution(s) as a significant contributor to the results. Qualifying solutions include, but are not limited to, Centricity Practice Solution, Centricity Business, Centricity EMR, Centricity Enterprise, Centricity Group Management, Centricity Imaging Solutions (PACS/RIS/CVIT), Centricity Perioperative, Centricity Perinatal,Workforce Management Solutions (ShiftSelect, Staffing & Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Business Analytics, Patient Classification, Human Resources and Payroll and Talent Management). Please see Criteria and Entry Guidelines for details.

How Winners Will be Recognized

A panel of six judges, including healthcare professionals and GE Healthcare representatives will select winners for seven categories: Enterprise Imaging, Financial Management, Care Area Workflows, Workforce Management, Large Ambulatory Care Practice, Small Ambulatory Care Practice, and the STAR customer of the Year. The STAR Award winners will be honored at the STAR Award Ceremony during Centricity LIVE in May 2018, where they will receive personalized recognition. In addition, winners will be featured in GE Healthcare publicity, including a press announcement, social media announcements and the GE Healthcare web site.

Entry Process

The online entry process is easy to complete. Please review the Criteria and Entry Guidelines and Terms and Conditions first. When you are ready to complete the application, use the STAR Award Entry Form.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the STAR Awards Call for Entries and Criteria and Entry Guidelines. Your entry in this competition constitutes an agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the rules of the competition. In addition, your entry constitutes agreement that you have the necessary authorization and approval from your healthcare organization to submit the entry. GE reserves the right to reject entries that attempt to modify such rules in any way. This competition and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA.

  1. GE reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this competition or cancel the competition at any time. This offer shall be invalid in any states, territories or jurisdictions where it would be illegal. Only healthcare organizations based in the United States are eligible to enter this competition.
  2. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence regarding the judges' decision will be considered. The judging panel shall be comprised of two-to-six judges, including at least one healthcare professional and one GE representative.
  3. Winners of the 2018 STAR Awards shall be notified by mail, email, and/or telephone on or before April 1, 2018. Winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony during Centricity LIVE, May 18-20, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.
  4. STAR Award winners will receive personalized recognition, and will be featured in publicity as described in the Call for Entries. Winners will be required to participate in publicity on behalf of GE. Entry in the competition constitutes permission to use the winners' names for promotional purposes (e.g., advertising, press announcements, World Wide Web, marketing materials) without further compensation or consent.
  5. Each winner must provide proof of identification upon request of GE.
  6. Entry in the competition constitutes an agreement from the entrants that GE, its successors, and assigns have a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right and license to reproduce, publish and otherwise use all entry materials.
  7. GE shall not be liable for any failure whatsoever to provide the prize as a result of any force majeure or supervening circumstances. All entries must be submitted online using the STAR Productivity Award Entry Form. Entries submitted by other means will not be accepted.

Promoter: GE Healthcare, STAR Awards, 116 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, 02116.

Please refer to the Call for Entries, Criteria and Entry Guidelines, and STAR Award Entry Form.

Entry Form


All entries must be submitted in English. All entries become the property of GE Healthcare and will not be returned. Entrants are responsible for the accuracy of any information submitted, and for securing all necessary releases and approvals from their healthcare organization. GE Healthcare reserves the right to use information and materials submitted for promotional purposes.

Before you begin, please review Criteria and Entry Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

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Criteria and Entry Guidelines

Download the STAR Awards brochure.


To be eligible for the 2018 STAR Awards competition, entries must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • The healthcare organization submitting the entry is based in the United States and or Canada.
  • Use of GE Healthcare Centricity or Workforce Management solutions contributed significantly to the results achieved in the submitted entry. The implementation need not be achieved exclusively through the use of GE Healthcare solutions; however, the extent to which the use of GE Healthcare solutions contributed to the results achieved will be a key factor in judging.
  • Implementation of GE Healthcare Centricity or Workforce Management solution(s) may include new installations, upgrades and services. The results from the implementation must have been achieved between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2017.
  • Multiple implementations may be submitted by the same entrant(s).

Criteria and Supporting Evidence

Entries will be judged on the following criteria: Significant improvement in clinical, financial or operational measures; evidence to support and/or quantify improvement before and after the project; and use of one or more GE Healthcare solution(s) contributed significantly to the results.

The judges will evaluate detailed supporting evidence of how GE Healthcare solutions have helped improve productivity. The following statements demonstrate the types of measurable results they will look for:

  • Percentage improvement in accounts receivable days outstanding
  • Percentage improvement in collection rate on eligible billing
  • Reduced cost to collect by amount saved or percentage reduced
  • Percentage reduction in eligibility rejection rate
  • Percentage increase in on-time, first-case starts
  • Amount of decrease in supply costs through inventory management
  • Percentage reduction in patient wait times
  • Percentage increase in patient throughput in the OR
  • Increase in time spent at the bedside by reducing paperwork or increasing process efficiency
  • Percentage increase in images reviewed per hour
  • Percent or amount of reduction in premium pay (incentives, OT, and agency)
  • Percent and/or amount of labor costs saved due to better workforce scheduling
  • Percentage decrease in number of contract labor employees
  • Percentage increase in compliance of PRN/per diem commitments
  • Percentage increase of proactive versus reactive filling of open shifts
  • Percentage increase in productivity and/or efficiency measurements due to automation
  • Percentage increase in employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Percentage increase in patient safety and/or satisfaction


GE Healthcare is honored to have a panel of six highly qualified judges that includes both healthcare professionals and GE Healthcare representatives. Full details will be available at a later date.

Qualifying entries remain anonymous throughout the judging process. Upon thorough review of all qualifying entries, each judge will vote for their top entries. The entry with the highest number of votes in each category will be selected as the winner. The decision of the judges is final.

Entry Form Requirements

The STAR Award Entry Form requires the following information:

  1. Contact and Organization Information: Contact information for the person responsible for the entry, implementation date and GE Healthcare IT or API Healthcare Solution(s) used.
  2. Project Overview: Describe the project scope (400 words maximum).
  3. Previous State: Describe the situation at the start of the project, including the clinical, financial or operational measures targeted for improvement and how they were to be measured (200 words maximum).
  4. Result State: Describe the current state and results achieved, including measurable clinical, financial or operational measures as targeted in the Previous State (200 words maximum).

Other Information

Entrants are responsible for the accuracy of any information submitted, and for securing all necessary releases and approvals from their healthcare organization. GE Healthcare reserves the right to use information and materials submitted for promotional purposes. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Past Award Winners


Ambulatory Care – IMA Healthcare of Fargo, ND

This practice of less than 10 doctors has been using Centricity Practice Solution for nearly 10 years. Frustrated by the number of clicks and keystrokes required of their physicians, the practice implemented modular templates with user check functionality. This made it easier to access important information like the lab results needed to make the right patient clinical diagnoses and complete tasks like printing patient instruction forms, orders, follow-up  visits and tests. 

Their results have been impressive. For example, using the common diagnosis of Acute Diverticulitis, the customer has reduced clicks by up to 80% as well as making it easier to find patient information.  In addition, the practice went one step further and involved clinicians in the design of their own clinical cockpit that  helped bring back the feeling of ownership and buy-in from their doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Large Ambulatory Care - Greater Lawrence Family Health Center from Methuen, MA

One of the challenges facing primary care clinicians is the ever-increasing list of requirements like changes in treatment and preventive care guidelines, which can make it difficult to make the best clinical  decisions  for  patients.  This practice of more than 56,000 enrolled patients, more than 600 employees and 92 physicians had previously been using manual processes in pre-visit planning.

They had no assistive way to help with clinical diagnosis and as a result clinicians and staff frequently missing opportunities for simple intervention. Then they implemented a Dynamic Clinical Decision Support engine to flexibly define, queue and activate passive and active reminders at multiple points in the care cycle.  These reminders are appropriately timed, role-directed, prioritized, and sensitive to patient demographics, medical problems, medications, immunizations and more. 

The results have been exciting. Improved care at the right time for patients in areas of Asthma Control and Depression, just to name a few. 

Financial Management - Ortho Northeast in Fort Wayne, Indiana

This specialty group practice was founded in 1962. It is northeast Indiana’s premier orthopedic center with an impressive roster of board-certified physicians, qualified medical employees and 13 satellite clinics. Their challenge was to find a solution to help ensure all third-party payers were paying the proper rate for every covered service, independent of who performed the service, where it was provided, and who the payer was. A complex problem, but made easier with Centricity Practice Management.

At the time they began this project they were providing over 800 visits per day that were paid through over a dozen different contracts. Their solution was to use the tables of claim data within Centricity Practice Management to spot trends of underpayments using an automated process so that underpayments could be corrected quickly.

The results so far have been extraordinary. Today their management team receives a dashboard indicating the line items underpaid per payer, per code and the amount in disputed. And they have successfully improved their collections by more $100,000 in their first year of implementation.

Enterprise Imaging - Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

This global healthcare leader is based right here in Boston and has been the site of pioneering breakthroughs that have helped improved lives around the world. A major teaching hospital, it also includes 150 outpatient practices with over 1,200 physicians, and serves patients from new England, throughout the United States, and from 120 countries around the world.

A long-time GE Enterprise Imaging customer, they wanted to improve care by enabling consistent, consolidated image access for their care team using their EPIC EMR, while reducing replication and inefficiencies within their IT infrastructure.

Brigham and Women’s chose the GE Centricity Zero Footprint Viewer to image-enable their EMR. And because the Centricity zero footprint viewer requires no local installation, they have realized an 82% increase in clinical user access with an 90% reduction in time to access their library of 10 million prior images from long term storage. All this helps their clinical team with better access to more complete patient image histories.

Workforce Management – Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

This large healthcare provider cares for children under the age of 21. They serve nearly 1 million patients every year in Atlanta, GA. Serving these many patients is a sizable portion of their overall operating budget. Staff and labor expenses run in the millions. 

They were using multiple systems to deploy staff which  was an inefficient way to meet financial targets. They relied  heavily on overtime, agency and incentive pay. There were patient satisfaction challenges, especially for hospitalized and urgent care patients, and quality and safety challenges effected work/life balance for staff.

But  the situation changed dramatically when they implemented GE’s Staffing & Scheduling and Time & Attendance solution. They were better able to match clinical staff to patient needs in each department at all locations, while facilitating enterprise-wide uniformity.

The result --- a $4 million decrease in incentive pay in the first seven years with a continued yearly decline; a 2% reduction in overtime for all units; and significantly reduced traveler use. They saved 1.1 million staff hours over 8 ½ years.

The Centricity STAR Customer of the Year - University of Vermont Medical Center from Burlington VT

With the increasing number of patients with high deductible health plans, this customer was finding it more challenging to collect payments from their patients, something I know that other healthcare providers are experiencing as well. They needed a solution to quickly identify patient liabilities at the point of service.

After reviewing options with the GE team, they decided to implement the Centricity Point of Service Collections module into the patient arrival workflow so they could collect upfront payments from patients. 

They now have a new enterprise wide time-saving process for staff and patients that has helped to increase inpatient collections by 67%, outpatient collections by 8%, and their total collections by nearly $1M year over year.

They are a long-standing Centricity Business customer which is used in their hospital and ambulatory facilities, and integrated with EPIC® clinicals.

They are also a STAR reference program member and their partnership, inputs and experience have been integral to helping further innovate Centricity Business.   In 2016 alone, their support has been extraordinary - participating in 8 reference calls and site visits, and helping to generate new case studies.