Centricity Enterprise

Centricity Enterprise

An integrated clinical, financial and administrative healthcare IT solution for health systems.

Centricity Enterprise provides tools to help caregivers deliver enhanced patient care

Centricity Enterprise is an advanced Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) designed for community hospitals, academic medical centers, and integrated delivery networks. An integrated clinical, financial and administrative solution, Centricity Enterprise helps to streamline workflow and improve productivity across the continuum of care. From the moment a patient makes contact with your organization, Centricity Enterprise captures, organizes and presents relevant information to the right person at the right time and place.

Backed by GE Healthcare’s 25-year heritage of innovation and proven real-world use, Centricity Enterprise enables streamlined workflows, efficient record keeping, and greater productivity. It also supports your compliance with Meaningful Use and pay for performance requirements.

  • Reduces paperwork and redundancies
  • Makes it easier to adapt to business and regulatory changes
  • Helps to control costs and accelerate revenue cycle efficiencies
  • Enables data-driven decisions for enhanced patient care
  • Supports more informed recording and reporting of data
  • Facilitates caregiver collaboration across the healthcare continuum


An integrated clinical, financial and administrative solution

Centricity Enterprise supports a new level of information fluency that promotes communication among care teams, departments and facilities. With smart tools and automation, the system speeds documentation, helps reduce the potential for errors and heightens billing efficiency across the delivery network.

Key Features of Centricity Enterprise

  • Access to accurate, current patient data, when and where it's needed.
  • Tools to help nurses interact more effectively with team members.
  • Features to support pharmacists in controlling medication management.
  • Financial solutions for revenue recycle managers that help reduce paperwork and increase productivity.

Cost and Limitations

ONC Certified

There is an enterprise license and annual maintenance based on PDE (Patient Day Equivalent) sizing for Centricity™ Enterprise and Centricity Patient Online 13 and there may be license and maintenance for third party partners based on PDE sizing for measures and capabilities listed in the table below.  Further, there may be additional costs, which are at the sole discretion of the customer, to support product customization outside of Meaningful Use requirements.  It is expected that the customer configure the system to capture the required data elements for Meaningful Use.  Customers have the opportunity, but are not obligated to purchase service hours to assist in this effort. 

There may be additional costs for state or local transmission methods for public health measures as dictated by the requirements of each state or local entity. Click here for more details.

ONC Certified