GoldSeal CT750 HD

The GoldSeal DiscoveryTM CT750 HD is a refurbished head and whole body high definition CT system featuring innovative radiation-dose-reducing ASiR technology.

The GoldSeal refurbished Discovery CT750 HD aids facilities in reducing radiation exposure to patients while giving you extraordinary high-definition images to make confident decisions.

Learn more with our GoldSeal Discovery CT750 HD product overview and GoldSeal brochure.



  • Performix*HD 8Mhu X-ray tube
  • 100kw generator
  • 10mA to 835mA capacity
  • 80, 100, 120, 140kVp


  • 1700mm or 2000mm table travel
  • 500lb table weight limit
  • 70cm aperture
  • VariSpeed* - .4 second to 1 second
  • Remote Tilt +/-30 degrees

Image Analysis

  • Direct MPR* – 3 axis recon
  • Exam Split
  • Data export and interchange
  • SmartPrep* contrast monitoring
  • 3D Neuro filters
  • OptiDose* – 3D dose modulation
  • AutomA

Image Chain

  • Xtream* HD console
  • 16fps recon and transfer
  • ASiR radiation dose reduction technology
  • Volara* HD Digital DAS
  • 2 – 19 inch color LCD monitors

Workflow Enhancements

  • ECG Trace on the console
  • DICOM print, store and work list
  • Connect Pro* HIS/RIS interface


  • GoldSeal Advantage