GoldSeal Infinia II

The GoldSeal Infinia™ II is a refurbished premium, high performance, all purpose dual detector imaging system, with extra large rectangular FOV detectors positioned in flexible geometries

Open, path-through flexible geometry gantry

  • Slip-ring gantry enables continuous multiple tomographic rotations in the same direction
  • Externally mounted detectors, with flexible positioning for all major studies
  • Adjustable scanning radius for both 90 degree and 180 degree SPECT scans Elite digital dual detectors
  • Crystal thickness - 3/8 in./9.5 mm
  • 59 high quantum efficiency PMT's - each coupled with one ADC per PMT
  • Extra large, rectangular FOV: 540 mm x 400 mm
    (21.25 in. x 15.75 in.)
    Dual-axis cantilever imaging table
  • Low attenuation carbon fiber tabletop
  • Easy patient handling, comfortable tabletop
  • Obstruction-free floor installation enables table pivoting-out at a 45 degree angle
  • Automatic home positioning for common imaging procedures Infinia acquisition station

Learn more with our GoldSeal Infinia II product overview and GoldSeal brochure.



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