Your mission is our mission

As care providers in the Veteran’s Administration, Department of Defense, Indian Health Services or the Bureau of Prisons, your challenges and situations can be dramatically different from those encountered in other sectors. And it all revolves around your patients. Delivering care for them often requires very specific kinds of technology across a broad range of disciplines. Systems that must work in harmony with the diverse array of equipment in the government healthcare environment. The tools you apply for their benefit must provide exceptional diagnostic and interventional performance. Equally important, staff members must account for your patients’ unique and ever-changing emotional and physical needs. It’s a tough mission – especially when you’re dealing with the logistic, economic, bureaucratic and patient data pressures impacting on you. We at GE Healthcare are right there with you. Our team of account representatives – many with past government system experience – are focused exclusively on helping you succeed. Bottom line, your mission is our mission.

GE Healthcare

We’ve been serving Veterans and active duty military for decades – in fact, as far back as 1917. Our representatives – many of whom are Veterans with shared experiences – understand your needs. Challenge us with your most difficult technical and logistical imaging/interventional equipment problems – and we’ll go out of our way to prove our commitment.

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