Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Speakers Bureau

GE Healthcare employs a team of analytics visionaries, healthcare experts and data scientists—all working together at the leading edge of their field. Whether you’re looking for a high-level industry overview, or a deep dive into clinical initiatives or technical best practices, learn how you can leverage their expertise to elevate the conversation at your next event.


Healthcare Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Overview

Audience:  Senior Executives

Abstract: A high-level look at analytics and artificial intelligence in healthcare, the current state of the industry, and the journey and challenges ahead. These topics are geared toward audiences that would like an introduction to how analytics and AI are transforming healthcare delivery—from existing technologies and industry trends to exploring and planning for the potential of future technology.


GE Healthcare Analytics and Al Strategy & Futures

Audience:  Senior Executives

Abstract: A strategic look at GE Healthcare’s analytics vision. Learn how GE Healthcare is leveraging analytics and AI today, and gain insight on how our leaders are thinking about and planning for the future of this technology. Topics include GE Healthcare’s strategic vision for analytics and AI, current and future initiatives, and integration with the Precision Healthcare story and how analytics and AI will help enable this vision.


Analytics and AI, Healthcare Applications & Perspectives

Audience:  Department Heads

Abstract: A focused look at GE Healthcare’s modality-specific solutions for clinical or technical audiences. Learn how GE Healthcare is embedding advanced analytics into existing workflows to enhance and augment the clinician’s ability to provide better care at the point of impact. Topics can be centered around GE Healthcare’s analytics and AI solutions within Imaging, Critical Care, LCS, and services.


Breaking Down the Science of Analytics and AI in Healthcare

Audience:  Developers

Abstract: A deep dive into the technical aspects of GE Healthcare’s analytics and AI platform geared toward data scientists. Learn more about machine learning and deep learning initiatives, building and optimizing clinical models, as well as how our analytics and AI platform is transforming healthcare.

Upcoming Events

ECR 2020 (European Congress of Radiology)
July 15–19, 2020
Vienna, Austria

14th Annual New Product Innovation & Development: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange
March 23, 2020
Orlando, FL

Dental Monitoring Annual Summit
April 2–4, 2020
Austin, Texas

AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences Cloud Symposium
April 21, 2020
Boston, MA

Smart City Industrial IOT World
June 25-26, 2020
Berlin, Germany

Previous Events

Global Artificial Intelligence Conference
January 21-January 23, 2020
Santa Clara, CA

RSNA 2019
Chicago, IL
December 1-6, 2019

GRMDS Global Annual Conference: Innovative Methods with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Pasadena, CA
December 6-7, 2019

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS)
Boston, MA
December 9-10, 2019

Platinum Global Solutions AI and Data Analytics MasterClass
Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 14-15, 2019

Connected Health Conference
October 16-18, 2019
Boston, MA

Intelligent Health
Basel, Switzerland
September 11, 2019

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