Practice Management Tool

Leveraging the power of your patient database. Turn data to insights.

Practice Management Tool (PMT) is a general-purpose business reporting tool offered as part of the enCORE software platform that enables you to tap into your patient database of thousands of patient records and analyze your data to generate insights and reports.

PMT enables you to define a search query and generate a list of patients from your patient database meeting the query criteria.

For instance, you can generate a list of female patients above 65 years of age who had a DXA scan two years back and had a T-score lower than -2.

PMT provides you a set of default mail templates for you to run mail campaigns to reach to your patient list and follow-up for a repeat DXA scan.

The chart option in PMT enables you to summarize and view specific set of patient information based on a wide selection of options such as treatment, country, city, referring physician, lowest BMD score, and many other parameters.

The history chart option let you view the trend of BMD values in your patient population over a period.


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