BiliSoft Pad Covers and Pad Nests

Disposable BiliSoft Pads and Covers for intensive phototherapy

BiliSoft pads and covers were designed for use with BiliSoft phototherapy systems, which treat premature and full-term infants for hyperbilirubinemia. The pads and covers are engineered so blue light or therapy light can pass through the fabric, allowing uninterrupted therapy, even when the baby is being held or nursed.

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Light therapy for effective jaundice management

Blue light phototherapy can make all the difference for infants with jaundice. GE Healthcare's flat, cushioned Bilisoft pads and covers work with Bilisoft phototherapy systems to offer sick babies the boundaries and support they need throughout a light therapy session.


With the BiliSoft Phototherapy system, you get the blue LED light healing environment as well as access to covers and nests that allow for swaddling. The BiliSoft disposable pad covers and pad nests are compatible with the following products from our maternal-infant care portfolio:

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