Protect imaging devices from common, day-to-day power disturbances with our Dynamic Sag Corrector.

The Dynamic Sag Corrector (HC-DySC) from GE Healthcare helps you protect the ability to care for your patients.

HC-DySC is designed specifically for the healthcare environment, is verified compatible with GE Healthcare products and corrects for voltage sags that can cause image degradation, data loss, trips or even equipment damage.

HC-DySC is a cost-effective solution designed to protect your facility's equipment from common, day-to-day power disturbances. It's well-suited for your environment if:

  • You mainly experience power quality events like voltage sags lasting a few seconds or less
  • You rarely see power reliability events like utility power surges or outages lasting a minute or more

Not sure about the magnitude and duration of power events experienced at your facility? We'll help you assess the situation by using an iSense** monitor to better understand the power profile at your location, so you can be confident about making the right power protection choice.

If your facility experiences power outages, surges and frequent interference, an Uninterruptible Power Supply is probably the right choice for your location.

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Plotted points represent the worst case power event in both magnitude and duration, as recorded by GE Healthcare iSense** monitoring. The vast majority are events lasting less than one second, which can be readily corrected by HC-DySC.

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