Start your x-ray adventure Beachside.Make a splash at the beach! In the Beachside Adventure the table is a floating raft on the water and children can pretend to spend a day building sandcastles, picking up shells or strolling the beach.

Put the child in the driver's seat, and help pretend that the imaging process becomes playtime and the procedure is now an adventure. Embrace their imaginations through imaging that puts the child first.

The X-ray Beachside Adventure is available for the
DiscoveryTM XR656 Plus/XR656/XR650 and OptimaTM XR646 systems.

  • Come Explore

  • Your patients may be able to discover common traits with our loveable Adventure Series characters!

    Marcellus the Monkey

  • Tillie the Tiger

  • Haley the Hippo

  • Tara the Toucan

  • Use Your Imagination