1.5T SIGNA™ HDxt SIGNA™Works Edition

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Upgrade quickly with a one-week install and no construction needed, leading to cost-savings not only by keeping your current magnet but also by ensuring uptime.

Unlock state-of-the-art MR imaging performance and productivity

Why trade-in when you can trade up? Your magnet is as strong today as it was when it was initially installed. Upgrading to the 1.5T SIGNA™ HDxt SIGNA™Works Edition allows you to reset the life of your existing scanner with new applications and the latest generation hardware.

Download brochure

Reduce installation downtime and avoid extra construction costs

Keep your magnet and access the next generation platform of imaging.

Get the latest technology for advanced clinical capability

Enable fast, consistent, quantifiable results in a workflow that adapts to any patient with SIGNA™Works

Enhance patient experience

Increase throughput with a workflow that adapts to any patient

Maximize performance with consistency and time savings

  • Faster scan time leads to higher throughput

    Maximize performance with an average of 30% faster scan time

  • Consistent image quality with AIR™ Recon

    AIR Recon™ is a smart reconstruction algorithm for reducing background noise, out-of-FOV artifacts and improving SNR.
  • 1.5T SIGNA™ HDxt SIGNA™Works Edition

    Upgrade includes:
    • Optix RF to increase SNR by 27%
    • 16 digital channels
    • New host computer and user-interface to enhance workflow
    • Comprehensive SIGNA™Works software
    Available options:
    • Advanced SIGNA™Works XT packages
    • 16ch high SNR Flex Coils (small, medium, large)
    • Refresh your system with a replaced detachable table and covers

Supporting Materials

1.5T SIGNA™ HDxt SIGNA™Works Edition brochure


*Compared to conventional RF technology
**New system covers and patient table are optional as needed to refresh the look of your system