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Voluson P8

A sleek, lightweight system that slips easily into small spaces and enables fast, effortless scanning and reporting.

Image. Measure. Assess. 

In the Labor and Delivery setting, ultrasound is used to visualize fetal position, evaluate amniotic fluid, visualize placenta location, evaluate fetal cardiac activity, and assess fetal progression. Evaluating fetal head progression manually is second nature for experienced clinicians – results are subjective and can vary, particularly during prolonged labor. That’s why clinicians are supplementing their skills with VolusonTM ultrasound imaging capabilities to help evaluate labor progression.

The Voluson P8 has many features and capabilities that are important in Labor and Delivery, including:

  • Battery backup - provides up to 20 minutes of scan time or move from one room to another without having to re-boot
  • 17” flat screen LCD monitor – provides high resolution visibility under all lighting conditions and moves independently of the console for easy adjustment and user comfort
  • Sleek, lightweight console – a small physical footprint to help optimize use and small spaces
  • Intuitive keyboard design – provides fast access to frequently used functions to help reduce exam times and limit reaching that can cause user fatigue
  • Wireless connectivity – efficient secure transmission of reports and images
  • SonoL&D - software designed to provide quantitative progression data to assist clinicians with fetal head progression measurements and objectively assessing labor progression.

With Voluson as a partner in the labor process, clinical decision-making can achieve a high degree of standardization, which helps provide greater confidence.

Image Quality

Imaging. Simplified.

Simply place the probe to get the information you need, without time-consuming modifications. With the Voluson P8, you can acquire excellent clinical images across all types of patients, quickly and easily. And a robust set of automation tools helps reduce keystrokes and provide consistency to support clinical decision-making. With excellent 2D images optimized for clarity and detail at the placement of a probe and one-touch optimization for fast efficient imaging, the Voluson P8 provides effortless imaging and streamlined exams.

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