Critical Care Suite on Optima XR240amx

Intelligence to prioritize at point of care

Critical Care Suite on Optima XR240amx

Intelligence to prioritize at point of care

Today’s radiologists are under tremendous pressure to read an ever increasing number of images and provide rapid diagnosis. When x-ray exams alone contribute to 60 percent of imaging performed, the majority of cases routed as STAT, how do you cut through the clutter to find the truly urgent ones, the ones that, if not read immediately could negatively impact patient care?

Critical Care Suite¹

GE Healthcare has developed a revolutionary new tool that is designed to quickly identify and help prioritize critical cases such as Pneumothorax.

Critical Care Suite, powered by Edison, is the first of its kind to embed artificial intelligence in an x-ray imaging device, turning what was once a conceptual idea into reality.

Optima XR240amx - Elevating the way you work with quick workflow solutions

  • AutoGrid

    Equivalent image contrast to a physical grid

  • HIS RIS Link

    On the go exam close out

  • QuickCharge

    Dual detector in-bin charging

  • QuickConnect

    Adaptive wireless connectivity

  • QuickEnhance

    1-touch custom image reprocessing for line placement and more

  • QuickShare

    Hassle free sharing and paring of multiple wireless detectors

  • Secondary Monitor

    Flexible positioning and viewing in critical care areas

  • RFID Badge Access

    Easy swipe RFID badge log-in and log-off capability

Clinical Image Gallery

Quality Care Suite1 includes Frontal Chest and Lung Field Detection algorithms. Quality Care Suite is designed to conduct an automated image quality check to detect errors on the acquisition system, such as improper patient positioning, thus enabling the technologist to become aware of possible error and have the opportunity to correct it if necessary before sending the image to the PACS.

Critical Care Suite in Action

Critical Care Suite is designed to deliver greater efficiency and better integrate technologists and radiologists – so patients can be the priority in the process.

Critical Care Suite on Optima XR240amx

Critical Care Suite on Optima XR240amx

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1. 510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the United States