The OEC Elite CFD offers stunning image clarity and detail at low dose with enhancements for an easy and efficient experience.

The OEC Elite CFD is designed to improve your premium C-arm experience enabling you to:

  • Experience stunning image quality at low dose 
  • See more detail and anatomy,* regardless of patient density
  • Operate with greater ease and efficiency in your surgical team

With advanced technology, intelligent workflow, and dose control, the OEC Elite CFD is the future of mobile surgical imaging. Choose between two C-arm models, Ergo-C and Super-C, to complement your surgical needs.

This system is ideally suited for a range of surgical needs including vascular, cardiac, orthopedics, gastrointestinal, endoscopic, urologic, neurologic, critical care, pain management and emergency procedures.

C - arm Models

Ergo C

Reach with 55° of overscan and 97° underscan Agile C-arm with 26.5" arc depth Efficient positioning with 180°/180° flip flop Set and go with color-coded gradual locks Accommodating low lateral height Less adjustments with small AP/Lateral offset

Brilliant. The right image at the right dose.

We know how important it is to help clinicians get the right image at the right dose in mobile surgical imaging. That's why we developed Brilliant.

Brilliant is a comprehensive program designed to help reduce operator dose long term through education, tools and improved dose management. Here are a few ways to get started: