Imaging provides a crucial gateway to patient care and serves as an essential touchpoint for clinicians. Centricity Universal Viewer helps to enable that—by giving you the Power of One unified, web-based diagnostic viewer that supports your natural workflow, facilitates faster and smarter decision making, and helps you stay focused on what’s most important: patient outcomes.

Centricity Universal Viewer intuitively brings together 3D post-processing, breast imaging tools, and enterprise-wide access on a single desktop

Featuring a single image repository across 2D and 3D studies, Centricity Universal Viewer intuitively brings together the tools needed by radiologists, cardiologists and other clinicians to provide enterprise-wide access on a single desktop.

Centricity Universal Viewer delivers:

  • Intelligent productivity tools
  • Advanced visualization applications
  • An advanced mammography workflow
  • Cross Enterprise Display
  • Advanced Cardiology tools
  • Access from anywhere there is an internet connection2
  • Image enable your EMR


Centricity Universal Viewer
3D post-processing, breast imaging tools, and enterprise-wide access on a single desktop

Advanced Visualization
Streamlines post-processing so you can maximize your most valuable asset: time

Centricity Radiology Workflow
Scheduling, acquiring, viewing, reporting, coding, sharing and archiving, in a single, intelligent workflow.

Centricity Clinical Archive
A robust, patient-centric solution for seamless image and document consolidation and access

Breast Imaging
Supports screening and diagnostic workflows and the display of multimodality images on the same workstation.

Clinician Access
Provides enterprise-wide and community-wide access to images and reports from anywhere1 on the user's device of choice2

GE Health Cloud
Designed to be a scalable, secure, connected cloud ecosystem to help manage the volume, velocity and variety of healthcare data



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Webinar - Huron Regional Medical Center
View this webinar featuring Huron Regional Medical Center and learn what capabilities organizations should look for in a Zero Footprint viewer. Additonally you will learn a best practice approach to adopting Universal Viewer ZFP and how a regional medical center quickly grew referrer access using the Universal Viewer ZFP.

Webinar - Improving Enterprise Workflow in Imaging through New Technologies
This session discusses how Enterprise Workflow will be an important component of the future of imaging as smart technologies and re-imagined solutions help enable collaboration and efficiencies within the enterprise.

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  1. Where an internet connection is available. 
  2. Refer to the list of supported devices and supported browsers in the technical information section of this datasheet.