Centricity™ High Acuity Suite
designed for you to connect intelligence with care

Centricity™ High Acuity Suite
designed for you to connect intelligence with care

Clinical and organisational information solutions Dedicated electronic medical record from PreOp, IntraOp, PostOp to ICU

product-product-categories-healthcare-it-centricity-high-acuity-suite-unique-portfolio-software-solutions.jpgOur software solutions portfolio is designed to enhance care consistency, improve patient and family experience from PreOp, IntraOp to PostOp and ICU, drive operational efficiencies along the clinical workflow and improve financial productivity.

How can we support you in achieving your objectives?



Imagine you could focus on the most important - your patient.

When clinical data capture is automated to help you make informed decisions faster, when local protocols are embedded to increase care consistency.



We want you to imagine a smarter hospital.

Where patient pathway is streamlined, decision making is easier and data analysed faster. Every bed and every facility is used to its optimal capacity.



Imagine your OR & ICU being more efficient.

Redundancies are decreased, drugs and materials are consumed more efficiently. Resources waste dissipates and hospital workflows improve for stronger bottom line.

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