Centricity Financial Risk Manager

Centricity Financial Risk Manager

Helping to reduce the risk of value-based reimbursement

Centricity Financial Risk Manager

Centricity Financial Risk Manager

Helping to reduce the risk of value-based reimbursement

Learn how healthcare providers can reduce the cost of risk-based contracts & value-based reimbursement by streamiling processes with Centricity Financial Risk Manager.

A provider-focused solution to manage risk

For healthcare organizations engaged in risk-based contracts spanning from shared savings to global capitation, Centricity Financial Risk Manager is a proven, highly scalable and provider-focused technology solution that streamlines management of administrative costs, utilization, and care coordination of patient populations. From managing attributed members and their benefits, to processing and adjudicating claims for capitated payments, Centricity Financial Risk Manager automates the decision making and financial management of value-based care.

As a result of the Affordable Care Act and the Triple Aim, healthcare reform is forcing providers to adapt to new care delivery models focused on value-based care rather than volume of services. Thus, the risk is shifting from payers to provider organizations. To successfully manage risk or provider-sponsored health plans, healthcare organizations must provide high quality care delivery to their patient populations at a low cost while ensuring that strong financial processes are in place to manage the unique workflows and business term requirements that accompany value-based reimbursement.

Proven track record 
Many prominent healthcare systems in the U.S. use Centricity Financial Risk Manager to help them efficiently manage financial risk and control costs associated with managing patient populations across a health system.

Highly scalable
Centricity Financial Risk Manager enables healthcare provider organizations to scale from a few thousand covered lives to over a million covered lives while supporting multiple health plans on a single platform.

Focused on providers

Unlike traditional revenue cycle products, Centricity Financial Risk Manager was built to meet the needs of healthcare providers taking on risk. Organizations can manage all risk-based contracts under one solution, helping to enable standardized business processes and workflows across the enterprise.

Support for Value-Based Reimbursement


Customer Testimonials

"GE does well with the fundamental pieces of the system. Those pieces work extraordinarily well, and the system is very stable. We have thrown a ton at it. We have integrated it with many different EMRs and with scheduling and have created charge interfaces left and right, and still the speed of the system is incredible. We have a huge database, and we can find accounts in a millisecond. Fundamental things my colleagues are struggling with are taken care of for us." - Director1

1. Collected about Centricity Business (Hospital) KLAS in October 2012 ©KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com

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