Dose Management is more than just tracking dose.

The past decade has witnessed a substantial increase in public awareness around patient radiation exposure, as well as a flurry of activity. Professional societies created and enthusiastically promoted the Image Gently and Image Wisely campaigns. Several states passed legislation requiring tracking of CT dose and recently the Joint Commission released new requirements for monitoring and recording patient exposure. An effective radiation dose management program often requires hospitals to do more than change their scanning protocols -- you must change your operating culture.

A Dose Management program starts with measuring and tracking the radiation dose you are delivering to your patients. Then you can reduce the over-radiation of patients by ensuring protocols, procedures and best practices are followed. GE Healthcare's DoseWatch enables you to monitor and manage radiation dose across your entire system-so you can reduce variation between technologists, manage risk, streamline reporting, and help ensure quality imaging at the lowest dose possible.

Do you have a Dose Management Strategy? Download the Dose Management Executive Summary.

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