Discovery NM 530c

It's time for a revolution in nuclear cardiology.

If the future arrived today; what could you accomplish?

GE is committed to pioneering technologies that enable clinicians to change the way that healthcare is delivered to patients. No where is this commitment stronger than in nuclear cardiology.

The Discovery NM 530c with CZT based Alcyone Technology is the nuclear imaging system you’ve imagined with the revolutionary capabilities that you told us you needed.

We’ve met the challenge and can now bring to you:

  • An up to 4 fold increase in sensitivity and zero equipment motion for improved image quality1.
  • Potential new clinical applications for 3D dynamic acquisitions enabling first pass and other dynamic applications.
  • The choice for dose reduction, fast acquisition or improvement in statistics - it’s up to you.
  • Scans as fast as 3 minutes improving your workflow and patient experience.

To learn more about this technology, visit our Clinical Image Library

1. Compared to conventional technology.