Caradigm Population Health Management Solution for hospitals and IDNs

Caradigm Population Health Management Solution for hospitals and IDNs

Improve population health outcomes and lower costs through data and insight driven prioritization, coordination and management of patient-centric care

Solutions for Population Health

Caradigm identifies and stratifies the risk in your population to improve clinical outcomes and financial risks. Caradigm equips your organization to keep a patient population as healthy as possible while managing utilization to lower costs.

Caradigm addresses a broad definition of population health, one that focuses not only on the high-risk patients who generate the majority of healthcare costs, but also on the preventive and chronic care needs of every patient. As there are not enough providers to manage every patient continuously, this focus requires automation to support those providers and to carry out the large number of routine tasks that do not have to be performed manually. Caradigm solutions continually identify, assess, and stratify patient cohorts so that your organization can supplement the role of your care teams, manage your patient population more effectively and efficiently, drive better outcomes, and decrease overall cost, as demanded by value-based reimbursement. Caradigm saves your organization the time and money necessary to make population health achievable and economically feasible.

You need four key capabilities to deliver effective population health management-data control, healthcare analytics, care coordination and management, and wellness and patient engagement. With our solutions, you can meet the aims of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement's Triple Aim Initiative - improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare. Caradigm population health solutions enable your teams to deliver the appropriate care to patients through effective coordination and patient engagement, improving outcomes and financial results.


Data Control
Make information accessible where and when you need it.
Healthcare Analytics
Generate insights and drive better decisions.
Care Coordination and Management
Drive improved outcomes for patient populations.
Wellness and Patient

Promote healthier lifestyles
for your patients.

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Caradigm Population Health Management Ambulatory Solution
A complete population health management solution for ambulatory practices