Beyond Imaging

Intelligent Devices
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Technologies

Beyond Imaging

Beyond Imaging

Intelligent Devices
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Technologies

Beyond Imaging

Oct 25, New York Oct 30, Dallas, TX Nov 8, Boston, MA Nov 13, Cincinnati, OH Nov 15, Nashville, TN

The Future. Today.

At GE Healthcare, we see a few key forces and trends that are coming together to re-shape how we think about Imaging and what the future holds. We call it Beyond Imaging.

Our Pillars:

Introducing an all-new digital imaging experience from GE Healthcare.
And it's coming to a city near you.
Intelligent Devices | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Cloud Technologies
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Attend our various workshops ranging from the Future of X-ray, Digital Mammography, Liver Care, and much much more, while earning CE credits. Network with peers and stay after the workshop to learn how Intelligent devices, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence may impact medical imaging in the future. Workshops held every morning.

Technology Exhibition

Take a tour through our Beyond Imaging exhibition with demonstrations by our GE experts and partners Microsoft and Intel. Learn more about technologies and services available to support your digital imaging programs. Optima XR240amx mobile X-ray, Imaging Insights, Mammo Insights Technology for Mammography, Quality Application for X-ray, ASSIST for Interventional Image Guided Systems, LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound, MR and Discovery.

Beyond Imaging Summit

Dynamic and engaging thought leadership and networking events where you will explore the incredible advancements happening in digital imaging technologies: Artificial Intelligence, computer power, and fast / secure networks that can help enable healthcare organizations to revolutionize healthcare.


Every woman. Every body. Every town.

Sign up now! We’re bringing the latest in breast imaging to your town.

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June 6th 2018 - ATLANTA
June 6th 2018 - CHICAGO
June 6th 2018 - DETROIT
June 6th 2018 - PHILADELPHIA
June 13th 2018 - DENVER
June 13th 2018 - LOS ANGELES
June 13th 2018 - SAN FRANCISCO
June 13th 2018 - SEATTLE
July 22-25th 2018 - AHRA ORLANDO
July 26-28th 2018 - AHA Leadership Summit
Oct 25th 2018 - NEW YORK
Oct 30th 2018 - DALLAS
Nov 8th 2018 - BOSTON
Nov 13th 2018 - CINCINNATI
Nov 15th 2018 - NASHVILLE
Coming to a city near you !


Our Speakers

We know that everyone has a busy schedule and cannot always attend key conferences and tradeshows or join the webinars you want to. That’s why we are bringing healthcare digital experts to you with the Beyond Imaging City Tour!



  • Watch

    Applied Intelligence

  • Watch

    The Future of X-ray

  • The team behind the future of AI in healthcare

  • Why Doctors Of the Future May Know Code

  • Watch

    Applied Intelligence is the analytics “brain” that powers GE Healthcare’s applications and devices

  • AI in Healthcare: Keys to a Smarter Future


Our Partners

Made possible through collaboration with industry leaders who make the future possible today.

Microsoft Corporation
eHealth solutions from Microsoft enable your digital transformation while making individuals and communities around the world healthier.

Intel Corporation
Smart, scalable performance for the widest variety of AI and data center workloads.

Join the Conversation

  • The future of imaging is really about the use of artificial intelligence…and moving it from centralized data center environments out to the edge where insights can be discovered and integrated real time in the clinical work flow.

    Andrew Bartley
    Senior Sales Solutions Architect, INTEL
  • The Future of imaging is futuristic. Very futuristic. And it’s happening very quickly. We’ve seen so many major changes in a very short period of time. So, I expect tomorrow to be completely different than today. So as we continue to grow across our network, we are continually looking at what the new and latest technology that is out there.

    Helene Oplinger
    Administrator, St. Luke's University Health Network
  • We have the opportunity to deliver healthcare that's better, safer, less expensive. And I think if we participate in the right way and collaborate with the companies that are working on this, I think it's going to be a very exciting phase and one that is very good for our patients.

    Dr. Robert Wachter
    Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine, UCSF
  • Beyond how technology gets used today to effectively deliver care, I think it’s incumbent on organizations like GE like Microsoft to think about tomorrow and what the future looks like.

    Dr. Simon Kos
    Chief Medical Officer and Senior Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft