Applied Intelligence

Revolutionizing healthcare with AI and analytics

Applied Intelligence

Revolutionizing healthcare with AI and analytics

The analytics and artificial intelligence brain that powers many GE Healthcare applications and devices.

Hospitals are generating massive amounts of healthcare data. This data requires analysis to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Applied Intelligence uses analytics—such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning algorithms and models—to identify insights, patterns and suggestions. These insights are deployed through applications, devices and services to help enhance and augment clinical, financial and operational decision-making.

Applied Intelligence solutions make sense of the vast volume of disparate data sources through purpose-built applications and best-in-class medical devices to deliver powerful insights.

Built on top of existing workflow applications and devices, GE Healthcare inserts analytics directly into these devices and workflows—at the point of maximum impact. The result makes your new and existing systems smarter, by increasing their performance and improving their efficiency, enabling you to make better decisions faster.

Applied Intelligence solutions are designed to help you optimize workflow, reduce errors and waste, and control costs, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Deep healthcare expertise is combined with analytics and AI to drive results. Current offerings include nearly 20 purpose-built applications… and growing.


Centricity Universal Viewer embeds relevant patient clinical content within the existing radiology workflow, including EMR data such as surgical notes, pathology reports and clinical notes. Learn More

Hepatic VCAR automates segmentation and assessment of liver and liver lesions. Learn More

Interventional Liver Assist is trained on a database of liver tumor cases to help identify vessels feeding liver tumors.

MR Intelligent SAR uses machine learning to identify head and shoulders.

PET VCAR streamlines the assessment of metabolic data, giving you the ability to interpret, quantify and manage PET/CT datasets more efficiently. Learn More

Radiology Operations Effectiveness for RIS/PACS connects directly to CentricityTM RIS and PACS data, and helps to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities.

X-ray Quality Application helps enable targeted training, improve operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary patient dose exposure. Learn More


Venue - Shock Toolkit includes three automated tools that enable you to get essential Ultrasound information quickly when triaging patients. Learn More


VesselIQ Express provides easily accessible, user-friendly tools to analyze 3D angiographic data.

ECG Insights provides information about department performance, helping clinical leaders achieve higher quality patient throughput. Learn More


Alarm Spotlight provides information to help combat alarm fatigue including numbers of alarms by type, high and low limit settings, as needed.


CarestationTM Insights – Agent Cost uses machine data from anesthesia monitoring devices to track and aggregate the variation of low flow anesthesia usage across OR departments to help clinician drive down agent cost.


DoseWatch is designed to automatically collect and analyze patient radiation and iodine exposure across multi-facility, multi-modality, and multi-vendor imaging environments. Learn More


CarestationTM Insights – Check Out tracks anesthesia machine checkout status across your department to help clinicians improve OR workflow.

Imaging Insights provides a full fleet (multi-vendor, multi-modality) practice summary of asset utilization, protocol and dose, quality assurance, patient experience and referral metrics.

Tube Watch is designed to remotely monitor CT machines and predict tube failures before a disruption occurs. Learn More


Mammography Insights provides a multi-vendor mammography practice with a summary of radiation dose, utilization and standardization metrics.

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