LIFE CARE SOLUTIONS: Giraffe™ OmniBed Carestation

Combining technology and experience to send babies home...

LIFE CARE SOLUTIONS: Giraffe™ OmniBed Carestation

Combining technology and experience to send babies home healthy

The Giraffe* OmniBed* pairs an incubator and radiant warmer to create a seamless healing microenvironment for all babies. From delivery to discharge, the Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is designed to address the changing and complex demands of the NICU by utilizing advanced technology to provide supportive, family-centered care solutions, consistently-controlled thermal environments, warmth during transport (when paired with the Giraffe Shuttle*), improved patient access and visibility, and reliable clinical performance.

Creating a neutral thermal environment
Embedded with a cascade control algorithm, the Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is able to minimize a baby’s temperature swings, while also providing Comfort Zone thermal guidance for setting and activating the desired temperature, as well as providing uninterrupted uniform heat during transition from incubator to warmer.

Heat loss prevention
If either panel is opened, Air Boost can be enabled to protect the baby from heat loss and support thermal stability. Additionally, a servo humidity system, which was designed with sterility in mind, protects against infection and adds thermal support and decreases transepidermal water loss.

Baby Susan rotating and bi-directional mattress
Not only is the OmniBed mattress equipped with patented Baby Susan* mattress technology for full 360º rotation, it’s also pressure diffusing and bi-directional. This brings the baby closer to caregivers, which encourages swaddling and Kangaroo Care, and optimizes clinical procedures to easily reposition the baby, reduce negative touches and stimulation to the newborn.

Promoting healthy growth and development
The Giraffe OmniBed Carestation manages sounds through adjustable alarm settings, hands free alarm silence, a low noise fan and a hood cover, which helps to dampen external noise.

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