Proficient NM Cardiac Online Training

Course IDR0205NM
Course LengthSelf-paced

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    About This Class

    The Proficient NM Cardiac program teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to perform service tasks on GE NM Cardiac Systems. This integrated course includes instructor-led training sessions and product demonstrations. Knowledge and service skills are practiced and applied during lab activities. As service knowledge based exam is included in this course.
    This program includes training on Ventri, Discovery 530c and Discovery 570c NM Systems with lab activities on the Ventri and D530c systems

    NOTE: This program excludes training on the CT (VCT-64 slice) portion of the D570c system – which requires, at minimum, CT Proficient training before servicing the CT components.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      This program teaches topics and procedures needed to perform service tasks on GE NM cardiac systems; Ventri and Discovery 530c Cardiac systems, and the Advanced and Automatic patient tables.

      Online training includes: simulations, animations, videos, summaries and images. This course builds upon the lectures and labs performed in the pre-requisite:
      NM Proficient General Purpose ILT and its pre-requisite NM Theory CBT. This course has an exam and a Student Materials Page with additional cardiac resources.

        This course prepares you to:
      • Take first call on NM cardiac systems
      • Identify NM cardiac systems and components
      • Perform basic operations of NM cardiac imaging systems
      • Perform NM quality control procedures
      • Perform proficient-level calibrations
      • Perform Proficient-level planned maintenance (PM) tasks
      • Perform basic system troubleshooting
      • Replace parts (FRU) that require proficient-level knowledge or skill
      • Perform basic software tasks and network functions
      • Assist an Advanced or Expert Field Engineer with an installation
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical and Technical Professionals
    • Prerequisites

      NM Proficient – R0201NM ($25,185)

      IMPORTANT: Completing the Proficient NM General Purpose course consists of the Instructor Led Training and all the preand post-requisites assigned to it.
    • Pricing Options

      Tuition: $3,300
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