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    About this class

    This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to perform service tasks on GE PET systems. It is an integrated training program that includes instructor-led training session(s) including hands-on, LAB activities. Knowledge and service skills are practiced and applied during lab activities. A knowledge-based exam is included in this course.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      At the end of this course, the service professional will be able to:

      At the end of this course, the service professional will be able to:

      • Describe the various types of PET Systems
      • Use documentation and resources to identify various subsystems, components and related PET system hardware
      • Utilize various software tools to troubleshoot the PET system
      • Recognize DQA results to determine if PET detector is properly tuned
      • Analyze system operation and logs to a specific subsystem
      • Understand the core specifications required to install PET systems

      The PET Proficient course will cover the PET/CT 6xx series, PET/CT 710, PET/CT IQ, DST, and DSTE systems.

    • Target Audience

      Biomedical & Technical Professionals

    • Prerequisites

      This course price does not reflect the price of the prerequisites. For detailed information on the prerequisite courses, including price, click on the links below.

      For a Customer with no GE PET/CT experience the following would be the minimum recommendation:

      CT Requirements

      R0901CM – Troubleshooting Basics - $545
      R0907CM – Networking & Dicom - $2,590
      R0065CT – NEW CT Proficient 2 week course - $25,185

      PET Requirements

      R0306PT – PET Basics web - $3,300
      R0051CT - CT Optima CT660 with Merc 40 Detector / EVO (web) - $2,590

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