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    About this class

    Molecular Imaging: PET

    The PET Basic Service course consists of a 5-day in-residence class with labs. It will equip the Field Engineer with the theory and physics of Positron Emmision Tomography and the ability to safely operate and identify several GE PET and PET/CT systems at a basic service level. Completion of this course is required to attend a follow-on PET or PET/CT course. The systems taught in the course include: Discovery LS, Discovery RX, Discovery ST, Discovery STE, Discovery VCT, Discovery PET/CT 600, Discovery PET/CT 690 Elite, Discovery PET/CT 690 VCT, Optima PET/CT 560, PET Advance.

    • Overview

      Course Length:  36 Hours
      Course ID:  R0313PT

      Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

      •  Demonstrate safe practices and take appropriate safety measures against possible hazards while working  with PET and PET/CT systems
      •  Perform radioactive pin source handling and conduct radiation surveys for all of the PET and PET/CT  systems
      •  Identify the features, functionality, and major components of GE PET and PET/CT systems
      •  Perform simple non-invasive repairs
      •  Operate GE PET and PET/CT systems at the application level for performance evaluation of the system
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical and technical professionals

    • Prerequisites

      This course price does not reflect the price of the prerequisites. For detailed information on the prerequisite courses, including price, click on the links below.

      PET Basic Physics/Instrumentation(Web) R0306PT

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