Optima NM/CT 640 Full Service Training


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    About this class

    The Optima NM/CT 640 (O640) is a combination of a modified Discovery NM 630 (D630) NM gantry, a 4 slice CT scanner and the Discovery NM/CT 670(D670) imaging table. The O640 system is intended for general nuclear medicine imaging procedures for detection of radioisotope tracer uptake in the patient body. It includes a general purpose nuclear medicine (NM) system using a variety of scanning modes supported by various acquisition types, and a CT component that is intended specifically for enabling attenuation correction and anatomical localization on SPECT studies.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

      • Demonstrate safe work practices.
      • Identify key system components and component positions.
      • Perform key system measurements, calibrations, configurations, adjustments and quality control.
      • Perform key planned maintenance and other adjustments to keep the system performing within specified limits.
      • Identify system errors using standard and advanced service documentation, tools, and diagnostics.
      • Use functional checks and performance tests to ensure proper operation.
      • \Identify the appropriate tools, test equipment, calibration and safety procedures for product installation.
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical and technical professionals.

    • Prerequisite


      Xeleris Service (Web) R0183NM $2,590

      NM Nuclear Basic Service R0184NM $6,615

      Troubleshooting Basics (Web) R0901CM $545

      Discovery CT/NM670, NM630 and Brivo NM615 Full Service(Class/Lab) R0189NM $15,345

      CT Basics for the NM Engineer (Web) R0194NM $1,625


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