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    About this class

    This training teaches basic operation and skills needed to take first call, complete Planned Maintenance (PM), perform basic troubleshooting, and basic parts replacement. Service skills include proficient-level calibrations, basic software tasks, network functions, and the ability to assist an Advanced or Expert Field Engineer with an installation. PM tasks include NM and X-ray quality control procedures and tests.

    The systems covered are Infinia and NM600/800 Series, both NM and Hybrid NM/CT.  The course includes proficient-level tasks on the CT portion of Infinia with Hawkeye and Optima NM/CT 640. It EXCLUDES the CT portion of D670, system—which requires, at minimum, Proficient CT training before servicing the CT component. This course includes mandatory prework which must be completed prior to arrival at the training institute. Instructor-led training sessions and product demonstrations build upon the prework. Knowledge and service skills are practiced and applied during lab activities, followed by Service knowledge-based exams. NOTE: Specialty NM systems
    for cardiac and breast imaging are EXCLUDED from this training. Legacy GP systems, such as the Millennium series, are also EXCLUDED


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

      • Identify NM systems and components
      • Perform basic operations of NM and NM/CT imaging systems
      • Perform NM and X-ray quality control procedures
      • Perform proficient-level calibrations
      • Perform planned maintenance (PM) on selected NM systems
      • Perform basic system troubleshooting
      • Replace parts (FRU) that require proficient knowledge or skill
      • Perform basic software tasks and network functions
      • Assist an Advanced or Expert Field Engineer with an installation

      Equipment Used in Class - At HCI

      • NM 600 Series systems: Discovery NM/CT 670 and NM 630, Optima NM/CT 640
      • Infinia with Hawkeye
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical and technical professionals

    • Prerequisites

      Included with course cost:

      • Proficient NM Service Training (Part 1) (CBT) - GEHC-GSTD-PART1-P-2100
      • CM Torque Training (CBT) - GEHC-TECH-AMOL-CT530-01_CURR-NEW

      Separate Charge

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      Purchase Packages:

      Tuition Only: $25,185


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