Elite CFD (Flat Panel)


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    About This Class

    The OEC Medical Systems, Inc training Program is designed to provide the hospital Biomedical or Clinical Engineer with the knowledge and skills necessary to properly maintain the OEC equipment.

    You'll receive world-class instruction from a team of experienced Technical Trainers who have spent years working with our devices. All our courses include in-depth theory with ample hands-on lab and system troubleshooting time. The course will provide all necessary Planned Maintenance (PM) activities, applicable hardware and software adjustments and system alignments. Each topic is supported with in-depth labs designed to reinforce the theory covered. Your knowledge and skills are reinforced and evaluated with troubleshooting events, daily interactive discussion, and comprehensive exams.

    We explain our environmental health and safety rules and all students are expected to adhere to all safety procedures while attending this and any course held at GE OEC in Salt Lake City. We provide Lead Aprons for use in the lab area, safety glasses, and steel toe covers if needed, but it is recommended that the student provide their own safety glasses and shoes.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      The class is broken down into 4 areas:
      • High Level Overview of the Elite system
      • Performing Elite Planned Maintenance
      • Elite Workstation Theory
      • Elite C-Arm Theory

      The High Level Overview of the Elite system provides:
      • The high-level operation and function of all components and circuit boards

      Each class performs a complete Planned Maintenance inspection, including the following areas:

      • System Configuration
      • Cable and Component Inspection
      • Lubrication and Cleaning
      • System Initialization
      • System External Inspection
      • System Functional Checks
      • Workstation Functional Checks
      • C-Arm Checks
      • Beam Alignment Verification
      • Dose Checks
      • DAP Accuracy
      • X-Ray Generator Accuracy Test
      • X-Ray On Indicator Checks
      • Image Resolution
      • Network Connectivity and Intelligent Shut Down
      • Functional Checks for Options

      The Elite Workstation and C-Arm Theory is taught using Functional Diagrams. Functional Diagrams for the system are presented. As different sections of the theory are presented the students are provided with hands-on lab activities to reinforce the concepts being taught.

      The following lab exercises are done during the class:
      • GESAK Creation
      • System Operation
      • System User Interface Introduction
      • Export settings
      • Software Load & Import Settings
      • System External Component Locations
      • Remove System Covers
      • Internal System Component Locations

      Each Student attending the class is supplied with the following:
      • Student Guide
      • Elite Functional Diagrams
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical Engineers / Technicians
    • Prerequisites

      A solid understanding of the basic fundamental principles of X-ray imaging, including a good understanding of:
      • Digital and analog electronics
      • Microprocessors and computer circuits
      • MS-DOS operating system
    • Offerings

      Start Date     End Date
      1/13/2020     1/17/2020
      1/27/2020     1/31/2020
      3/2/2020       3/6/2020
      4/6/2020       4/10/2020
      5/4/2020       5/8/2020
      5/18/2020     5/22/2020
      7/27/2020     7/31/2020
      8/24/2020     8/28/2020
      9/14/2020     9/18/2020
      10/12/2020   10/16/2020
      10/26/2020   10/30/2020
      12/7/2020     12/11/2020

    • Registration

      Because class size is limited, registration is on a "first come first serve" basis. Please call 1-801-536-4891 or e-mail the Training Registrar for an Enrollment packet

      All correspondence should be directed to the Training Registrar, at the following address:
      Training Registrar
      OEC Medical Systems, Inc
      640 Wright Brothers Drive
      Salt Lake City, UT 84116