Discovery IQ PET/ CT Differences Service Training


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    About This Class

    The Discovery IQ PET/CT series is a PET/CT product platform that supports several configurations and provides a range of performance needs, from basic to performance oncology PET imaging. These systems are based on the current Discovery 600 series product line and include both hardware and software updates. The product training focuses on the changes made to system operation, replacement and calibration procedures, and installation.

    This online session focuses on the differences in the Discovery IQ PET/CT system, compared to the Discovery PET/CT 610 and 710 (16-slice) systems. It is intended for service personnel who have completed training on the PET Discovery 610 and 710 systems.


    • Technical Training
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical and Technical Professionals

    • Overview

      Upon successful completion of this training program and in compliance with applicable documentation for the Discovery IQ PET/CT systems, the service professional experienced in PET Discovery 600 Series service should be able to:
      - operate the Discovery IQ PET/CT system
      - perform the new and updated replacement and calibration procedures
      - install a Discovery IQ PET/CT system

      Discovery IQ PET/CT systems

    • Prerequisites

      CT Proficient R0065CT ($19,465)

      PET Proficient R0323PT ($19,465)

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      Tuition: $1,625

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