Proficient Fixed Digital Rad


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    About this class

    Proficient Fixed Digital Rad provides knowledge and skills necessary to perform service tasks on GE XR Fixed Digital Rad imaging systems. This integrated training program includes instructor-led training sessions and online pre-work. Maintenance, calibration, and troubleshooting service skills are practiced and applied during lab activities. A knowledge-based exam is included in this course.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Upon successfully completing this course, the student should be able to:

      • Demonstrate safe practices and take appropriate safety measuresagainst possible hazards while working with the systems.
      • Operate the systems at the application level for performance evaluationof the system.
      • Identify the features, functionality, and major components of thesystems.
      • Identify the basic setup and configuration.
      • Identify troubleshooting techniques and tools.
      • Identify the basic calibration procedures and how they are performed.

      Systems addressed/covered in the Proficient Course

      • Definium 8000
      • Brivo DR-F / XR385
      • Optima XR640
      • Optima XR646
      • Discovery XR650
      • Discovery XR656
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical and technical professionals

    • Prerequisites

      Required prerequisite training below:

      Included as part of the Proficient Fixed Digital Rad course tuition:

      • R0192RY - Flashpad CBT

      Separate Purchase:

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      Purchase Packages:

      Tuition Only: $14,315