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    We offer GE Healthcare Digital Expert online courses for the following Voluson ultrasound systems:

    • Voluson E10
    • Voluson E8
    • Voluson E6
    • Voluson S10 Expert
    • Voluson S8
    • Voluson S8 with Touch Panel

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  • Course topics

    Courses can range from 30 to 60 minutes and cover a variety of topics, including:
    • Knobology basics
    • 2D optimization
    • Color doppler and B-flow optimization
    • Pulsed wave doppler and M-mode optimization
    • Scan Assistant
    • Biplane imaging
    • 3D acquisition and manipulation
    • TUI
    • OmniView
    • STIC and eSTIC
    • SonoAVC and SonoCNS
    • fetalHQ

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