CARESCAPE Monitor B850

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    About this class

    The goal of the CARESCAPE Monitor B850 course is to teach the theory and operation of the CARESCAPE Monitor B850, use of Webmin service interface, configuration, licensing the options and features, calibration procedures for supported hemodynamic parameter modules, corrective maintenance, planned maintenance, maintenance procedures, software transfer procedures, and service special tools.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

      • Provide an overview of CARESCAPE Monitor B850 system (CPU, Software, Displays, Input devices, Frames and RACs)
      • Identify acquisition devices/modules that are compatible with CARESCAPE Monitor B850 (E-Modules, Tram Modules, Printer and Writers, iPanel, Unity Network ID)
      • Recognize the system hazards and safety rules
      • Configuration of CARESCAPE Monitor B850 and compatible peripherals and external devices
      • Create Clinical Default Settings
      • Identify system service strategy
      • Identify Disassembly and Reassembly procedures
      • Identify system hardware components to the FRU level
      • Perform Maintenance and Checkout
      • Perform Webmin diagnostics
      • Calibrate the Gas calibration
      • Calibrate the NIBP parameter
      • Calibrate the IP parameter
      • Calibrate the Temperature parameter
      • Calibrate the ECG Analog output
      • Calibrate the IP Analog output
      • Calibrate the touch screen
      • Perform Installation Checkout
      • Perform System Maintenance

      Course Equipment

      • CARSCAPE Monitor B850
      • F5 and F7 Frames
      • E-PRESTN
      • E-PSM(P)
      • E-CAiOV
      • PDM
      • Tram-Rac and TRAM Module
      • 15 and 19 inch display
    • Target Audience

      • Service personnel that support the installation, configuration, maintenance, and service of the CARESCAPE Monitor B850.
    • Prerequisites

      Recommended Pre-Requisites:

      • Essentials of Healthcare IT or equivalent
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      • Tuition:  $8,295
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      • Tuition, lodging & air:  $10,1151

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