CARESCAPE Central Station v2 Differences Service Training (Web)

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    About This Class

    This Continuous Training Updates course focuses on the knowledge and skills that have been identified as L-1-2 related to the GE LCS MS Carescape Central Station Version 2 (CSCSv2) systems. This course provides information on the introduction and overview of the CSCSv2 and the Hardware and Software Differences between the CSCSv1 and CSCSv2.


    • Technical Training
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical and Technical Professionals
    • Overview

      At the end of the course and using applicable documentation, the service professional should be able to:
      • Identify the LCS MS CSCSV2 both the Desktop and Integrated systems along with their I/O connections and cables
      • Identify the Software differences of the LCS MS CSCSV2 as compared to the CSCSv1
      • Identify the Field Replaceable Units for the LCS MS CSCSV2
      • Review the replacement procedures for the LCS CSCSV2 Field Replaceable Units
      This course is intended for service personnel who will service GE LCS MS CSCSv2 systems.
    • Prerequisites

      Prerequisites: CARESCAPE Central Station Full Service Technical Training
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