Ultrasound General Imaging Advanced Service Training Part 1

Course Part NumberR0387PG

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    About this class

    The course is designed in two complimentary parts.  Part 1 (DL) will introduce the students to the advanced competencies applied in Part 2 (ILT). Part 2 (ILT) will focus on the application of the advanced competencies across multiple LOGIQ platforms.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      At the end of this course, the service personnel should be able to do the following:

      • Explain the common clinical procedures performed in general imaging ultrasound and how these procedures interface with LOGIQ systems.
      • Explain the various ways LOGIQ systems can interface with a hospital network and configure a LOGIQ system to connect with network devices.
      • Apply knowledge of network and connectivity configurations for a given LOGIQ system by identifying the cause of a communication issue and making the correct modifications to resolve the issue.
      • Explain the privacy and security features found on LOGIQ systems and demonstrate ability to set up/configure privacy and security features as determined by the customer.
    • Target Audience

      Biomedical equipment technicians
      Biomedical and clinical engineers

    • Prerequisites

      Ultrasound Proficient Part 1 – R0381PG - $2,590
      Ultrasound Proficient Part 2 – R0382PG- $8,625
      Or other GE Ultrasound Training

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