How to bring the right image to the right clinician at the right time

A first of its kind digital development lab will help drive the future of enterprise imaging

According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, healthcare organizations generate close to 600 million diagnostic imaging procedures annually. That number becomes even more staggering when you consider that a single MR or CT procedure produces hundreds of images with one scan. Looking at those statistics, it’s clear that hospitals and health systems need digital technology to effectively capture, manage, share, view and analyze images. Indeed, in healthcare’s relentless mission to achieve clinical, operational and financial outcomes, enterprise imaging is key. That’s why Intel and GE Healthcare recently announced a first of its kind digital development lab for healthcare imaging technology. The Joint Performance Acceleration Lab (JPAL) will be located on the premises of GE Healthcare’s corporate headquarters in Chicago, where Intel and GE Healthcare coders will develop, test and validate new innovations across a wide spectrum of medical imaging hardware, software, cloud and edge technology using the new Intel Xeon Scalable platform. The goal: create solutions that will offer greater hospital efficiency through increased asset performance, reduced patient risk and dosage exposure – with faster image processing – and expedited time to diagnosis and treatment. Specifically, it aims to enable radiologists to read images more quickly and to lower the total cost of ownership for imaging devices by up to 25 percent. “Radiologist workdays can be enhanced by use of real-time data analytics and increased performance,” said Jonathan Ballon, vice president Internet of Things Group at Intel. “The combination of innovative imaging solutions from GE Healthcare with the breakthrough speed of Intel processors promises great advances in imaging that could make a real difference in patient care.” The lab stems from a 20-year partnership between Intel and GE Healthcare, expanded to focus on enhancing patient care and reducing costs for hospitals and health systems using digital imaging solutions, deployed via edge and cloud. It’s all part of GE Healthcare’s goal to have a completely digital, connected ecosystem of medical scanners, imaging applications and services for radiologists and hospitals. To learn more about GE Healthcare’s work with Intel, visit GE Healthcare Booth #3224 at the Health Information and Management Systems Society annual conference (HIMSS 2018).